Wedding Photo Idea: The Minister’s Bible

Keith & BibleMother of the Bride, some of the simplest shots your photographer captures on Wedding Day can speak volumes. No elaborate background set-up, no gathering of the bridal party or family members, just some ideas in mind and a photographer with a great eye.

The minister with his Bible is one such photo that conveys deep meaning. I love the shot above that focuses on the Bible and not on the minister himself. It speaks of the importance of the day and the holiness of the ceremony. It says God is here. It says this marriage is founded on the instruction and wisdom of God. Yes, this simple shot speaks volumes.

So, MOB, when you’re compiling a list of shots for the photographer to take on Wedding Day, be sure to include the minister-with-his-Bible idea as well as other artsy-type shots you might have in mind. Just tell the photographer some general ideas you’d like included, and he’ll be ready to work his magic. Bet you’ll be pleased!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photographer

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