Wedding Photography Tip: Candid Shots of the Guests

Rob & Kaden

Wedding photography is not complete, Mother of the Bride, without some great candid shots of the guests. All brides, grooms, and their families want to remember who joined in their celebration on Wedding Day so asking the photographer to capture photos of the guests as they naturally interact with one another is the perfect way to do it.

The photo above is a super sweet shot of Rob and Kaden, our neice’s husband and son, and the one below shows a loving moment between our nephew Aaron and his wife Monica. It’s one of my favorite candid shots from my daughter Kristin’s wedding. As Monica places her hand on the back of Aaron’s neck, he reaches out to touch her as well, wrapping his hand around the back of her leg. I love how the photographer spotted this moment of mutual love expressed and immortalized it for us.

So, MOB, in addition to all the standard photos the photographer will be taking, make a point of asking him or her to capture lots of candid shots of your guests as well. Hugs, laughter, surprise, and special moments of all kinds will abound that day. Try to make them a permanent part of your daughter’s Wedding Day story.

*You can see other examples of such moments in Wedding Day: Sweet Family Moments in Store. You might also like to read Wedding Day Tip: A List For the Photographer .

Aaron & Monica still in love*Photos by Chris Humphrey Photography


  1. I’m packing my camera in my tiny purse, so I can get some of these type of shots at the wedding. Yes, I’ll be the obnoxious mother of the groom with the camera!

    • You go, girl! Take all the photos you can — or better yet, hand your camera to someone who will capture everything your heart might desire. Then you will be free to enjoy each and every moment. Have fun!

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