Wedding Day: Sweet Family Moments in Store


So much awaits you, Mother of the Bride, on your grown-up girl’s wedding day. Without a doubt, you’ll be witness to several precious moments between her and her brand new husband, but you’ll also catch glimpses of other sweet moments that happen between family members. (And if you’re lucky, your photographer will catch the ones you don’t see as they happen. I love the one above of my sister Debbie with one of her grandbabies.)

Imagine my delight when I first looked at the photographer’s photographs for Kelli’s wedding and saw the series of shots below of my dad and my niece Joanna. These photos immediately became family treasures.

I hope you are blessed with equally precious treasures. You might even put a bug in the ear of your photographer to be on the lookout for sweet moments among the extended family. You’ll be glad you did!




*What could be some of the prime times on your daughter’s wedding day when sweet family moments might happen?

*Photos by Will Flowers

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  1. Debbie Henry says

    Yes, I definitely love this blog post and these photos! :) A good photographer can make or break a wedding day. Remember you are the one in charge of your day not the photographer which happened to me. This photographer definitely had an eye for a good shot that was not planned.

    • Debbie, glad you enjoyed! You are so right about the importance of the
      photographer. I would suggest looking at plenty of a prospective
      photographer’s wedding shoots to see what kinds of shots they capture —
      and not only of the bride and groom and wedding party but of friends and
      family as well.

  2. Always love these candid shots. I have a few from our wedding that I treasure, especially the one where my bridesmaids gathered around me to pray before the wedding. I didn’t even know the photographer was shooting it.

  3. Yes, I definitely love these photos!

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