Spring Break Celebration!


Woohoo!! Spring break is finally here! Since spring break has become synonymous with spending time with our kids the past few years, I’m sure you can understand why I’m downright giddy. We haven’t seen our girls and their guys since Christmas, and we are remedying that at this very instant. Double Woohoo!! :)

I’m taking a blogging break this week while we’re celebrating spring break so I’ll see you on the other side. Have a great week—hope you find something to Woohoo about, too! :)

“Shout aloud and sing for joy . . .” Isaiah 12:6a

*Flickr photo by _Zeta_


  1. Take photos for us, Cheryl!

  2. Have fun with the kiddos! Nothing like being with family…

  3. Cheryl – Enjoy spring break with your family. I love spring break – a new concept for me when I came to America from Ireland. What a beautiful time to focus on friends and family.

  4. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful time together!!

  5. How fun! I hope that you enjoyed your week with your family.

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