Good Medicine

I did my best to avoid it. I took mega-doses of C and sucked on zinc lozenges for well over a week, but the crud finally got me. It started wrapping its fingers around my throat while we were at Kristin and Shawn’s last week, and by Easter Sunday morning I had to croak my way through our choir’s cantata. On Monday I pushed through the day’s activities, but by yesterday I had to give up and collapse. Funny how a little fever makes the body demand some rest, huh?

Since I’m still feeling puny today, I’ll keep this brief but did want to pass along a home remedy guaranteed to at least put a smile on your face when you’re feeling under the weather. Proverbs 17:22 tells us that “A cheerful heart is good medicine…”, and thanks to some fun memories from our recent visit with Kristin and Shawn, I’ve had some good medicine to help me through these days of feeling bad.

You see, when we get together with our kids, we play games like crazy. In fact, as shown in the picture above, we had to move the table in by the tv so we could continue our games while the guys watched basketball :) As you can imagine, over the course of a couple of days, many hilarious moments transpired.

The one that makes me laugh out loud each time I think about it happened when we were playing Blokus. At one point while Kristin was out of the room, Shawn announced that we are the most competitive family he’s ever known and then went on to refer to us as “you three loonies” :) Maybe you had to be there, but that funny moment has provided me with some really “good medicine” the past couple of days. Thanks, Shawn :)

Ah, fun memories — now there’s a medicine I don’t mind taking!


  1. I’m glad you had fun even if you ended up coming out of the trip not feeling well! :)

  2. We always have fun when we’re with you guys:) Can’t wait till the next time now!

  3. Isn’t Blokus fun? We enjoy playing that game as a family. Have you tried Set? It’s a game of visual perception. If you’re competive, you’re going to LOVE that one. (It’s educational, too.)

  4. I’ve never heard of Set, Joyce. Sounds like just what we need — another competitive game to add to our reportoire :)

  5. Oops! I misspelled “repertoire” in my last comment. Anybody catch that? :) It dawned on my after I went to bed last night, but I was too tired to get up and admit my mistake then :)

  6. Cheryl,
    From seeing you correct your spelling mistake, I imagine your family enjoys playing word games, too. We certainly do. We enjoy trying to stump one another with word definitions or pronunciations. It’s fun, and we end up learning something.

    I should have given this to you before; it’s the URL for learning more about the game called Set:

    Hope you are having a blessed Lord’s Day. :)

  7. Joyce, thanks for passing along the website!

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