The Lifeline

5433549942_a8c4cea1fd_zWhat do our Bibles say about us? Are they placed in handy spots or put away on bookshelves? Are they worn with use or are the pages still in pristine condition? Have we made personal notes in them or could they belong to anyone?

The poem below, which I wrote well over a decade ago, describes what I hope my daughters will one day think about me and my Bible. Does it express your heart’s desire as well?

The Lifeline

Who would have guessed that a mundane chore
Could lead to such precious discovery,
A familiar book seen in new light
Became a gem, a treasure to me.
Lifting the Bible to dust all around
I noticed its cover, worn with use,
And automatically thought of my mother.
This was her Bible—
Her Lifeline, she lovingly called it,
It told of God’s love and sustaining grace
On which she daily relied.
And as I glanced through its well-marked pages
Another lifeline came into view,
The life of my mother scattered throughout
In handwritten notes and underlined verses,
In special dates to remember.
Her spiritual journey could also be traced
Through verses of praise and anguish,
Her walk with God stamped o’er its pages,
A remembrance of what she lived.
What a gift God gave me that day—
Mom’s life, tucked inside her Lifeline.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

*Is there a particular verse from the Bible that has served as a lifeline for you during a difficult time?

*Flickr photo by Lel4nd, Creative Commons License


  1. Don’t remember seeing this one before, but I love it. Hope that’s what my kids find too

  2. Cheryl, I found my Bible in the Lost & Found when I was a church secretary for the summer of 1981. It has been rebound and needs it again. I wouldn’t think of getting a new Bible!

    The verse that sustains me is Romans 8:28 – my personal translation is that God specializes in making fertilizer from poop.

    • Jana, knowing the truth of Rom. 8:28 makes all the difference in the world to me, too. Such a great promise. Love your idea of getting your Bible rebound. Wish I had thought to do that a few years ago when I got a new one. I got exactly the same kind of Bible, though, and have recopied many notes, etc. in the new one so I don’t lose any of those treasured thoughts or markings.

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