Midweek Morsel: Glory Surrounds


May is here and the glory of spring surrounds us, doesn’t it? Green is not just peeking any longer. It’s in full swing, setting the perfect emerald backdrop for the bursts of color the spring flowers are treating us to. Yes, glory surrounds.

Leafy fullness adorns our trees once again. No little buds just teasing us with what’s to come. We listen and hear the leaves swish in the breeze, we are energized by their testimony to life. Yes, glory surrounds.

Spring has brought more of our favorite birds back to us as well. They sing, they dash to and fro, busy with building this season’s homes. They remind us of the wonder of nature, the miracle of creation, and the mighty God who is responsible for it all. The loving God who shares it all with us. Yes, indeed, glory surrounds.

“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers . . . what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him.” Psalm 8:3a,4

*What’s your favorite part of spring’s glory?

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*Flickr photo by Moyan_Brenn, Creative Commons License


  1. Wildflowers and the flowers in the yard and the green hillsides and hearing the river roar are all signs of spring. We are so fortunate that it begins in February around here, but now that it is May, our hillsides are golden brown. The seasonal cycles are so reassuring that God loves order. But the randomness of where the flowers appear and the variety is reassuring that He is not a drill sergeant!

    • Oh Jana, I love what you said about how the randomness and the variety of flowers show us that God is not a drill sergeant. He does love to surprise us, doesn’t He?!

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