Midweek Morsel: A Scripture Prayer Asking God to Act


Throughout our world and within our nation we see atrocities committed, we see the need for justice. The wicked need to be stopped, need to pay for their horrific deeds. Peace-loving, law-abiding people need someone to act in their behalf.

Also around the world and within our nation—and within our very own lives—we see hardship, grief, and pain. We’ve been forced to shoulder burdens that feel too heavy to carry anymore. We need someone to act in our behalf.

Here is a scripture prayer that we can pray in times like these. When justice or relief is needed, let’s cry these words to God:

“O LORD, you have seen this, be not silent.” Psalm 35:22a

*Do you have a burden the rest of us can help you shoulder through prayer?

*Flickr photo by spaceamoeba, Creative Commons License


  1. Thank you so much for this thought. It brings a little comfort to believe there is scripture to back our prayer for God’s intervention. May God heap blessings on you!

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