Cake Knife and Server Sets for Both Cake Tables

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Mother of the Bride, add this to your “to-do” list: find two cake knife and server sets. That’s right, you’ll need nice sets for both the main cake table and the groom’s cake table. It’s easy to forget about needing a set for the groom’s cake so put it on your list now and save yourself from a last minute cake-serving crisis. Heaven knows you want to avoid as many last minute glitches as possible, right?

I would suggest borrowing both sets or perhaps buying one beautiful set as a shower gift and then borrowing another set. The one you buy as a gift could be used for the main cake table, and the other set for the groom’s cake table.

Asking the groom’s mother if she has a set that could be used for the groom’s cake is an excellent way to help her feel included. If she doesn’t have a set herself, she may be able to borrow a set. If you’re trying to borrow both sets, you can ask other family members and friends or even check with your caterer to see if she has a set available for your use. You could also check with your church.

So MOB, line up your cake-cutting utensils now—and then prepare to enjoy the yumminess of both cakes on Wedding Day!

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