Wedding Cake Idea: The Textured Cake


Mother of the Bride, here’s a wedding cake idea that has a different yet still elegant look—the textured look. The majority of wedding cakes have a highly finished, sleek look so the textured finish of this cake makes for an eye-catching and beautiful change of pace. If your bride-to-be hasn’t noticed textured cakes yet, be sure to show her these examples.

The example above is striking in solid white while the one below adds another element by combining an ombre cake with the textured look. Both are gorgeous. If your daughter prefers the more traditional white, she could still have the baker or florist add a splash of color with fresh flowers as a topper or even some other colorful topper.

Don’t you love how there are so many options for wedding cakes today, MOB? Hope you and your darling daughter have loads of fun surveying—and then sampling!—all the possibilities out there!

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*Flickr photos by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

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