New Wedding Cake Trend: The Ombre Cake


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter is looking for a wedding cake that’s a little different, a little less traditional, why not suggest an ombre cake? An ombre cake is characterized by colors fading from one to another on either the frosting or the inside layers of the cake.

If you spend a little time perusing Pinterest, you’ll see that ombre cakes are popular right now for all occasions—weddings included. It may be just what your daughter’s looking for.

The ombre touch is light on the pretty lavender cake pictured above, but more drastic color changes are being done as well. Using unusual colors for wedding cakes may be a little difficult for many of us moms to wrap our minds around, but as with so many other facets of weddings today, things are getting changed up. And when we open our minds to the possibilities, we might just like them!

So, MOB, if your daughter wants to make a colorful splash or go with a more current trend in cakes, consider the ombre cake. Possibilities abound. Have fun considering them all with your sweet girl!

*Here are some more examples of gorgeous ombre wedding cakes

*You can also see some examples on my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board

*Flickr photo by Mina Magiska Bakverk (My Magical Pastries), Creative Commons License

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