Wedding Cake Trend: Ruffles!


Mother of the Bride, have you noticed the wedding cakes designed with ruffles yet? Ruffled cakes are definitely one of the hot trends right now—and it’s no surprise. They are gorgeous!

Whether tiny ruffles (as pictured above) or larger ruffles like one of the ones featured on The Knot website, either one will shine like a superstar at your daughter’s wedding reception.

Your darling girl can have fun deciding on other details to complement the ruffles, too. Maybe she’ll choose an ombre variety like the one above or she might want to go with elegant white adorned with fresh flowers in the color of her wedding. She might go with one ruffled layer and another layer in roses—or maybe a layer in a smooth finish adorned with a bow. All kinds of possibilities abound.

So MOB, suggest the ruffled cake to your daughter and see if it strikes her bride-to-be fancy. And be sure to check out my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board to see other examples of ruffled cakes. Enjoy window shopping!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

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