Church in My Backyard

DSC03385*I won’t be posting next week during Spring Break, but I’ll see you back here on March 28!

I’m not the most observant person in the world. Case in point: We helped move our daughter and son-in-law to a townhome in a new city one November several years ago, visited them on the following New Year’s weekend, and then again over the following spring break, but it wasn’t until the trip after that that I noticed they had a church in their backyard—or side yard to be exact. The point is it’s right there.

Imagine my delight when I looked out the upstairs bedroom window early one morning before anyone else was stirring and saw a church tucked behind the stand of trees lining their development. Wow, I thought. They’ve got a church right in their backyard! I could feel a blog post coming on so I grabbed my camera and started snapping away.

Even though Kristin and Shawn didn’t end up attending this particular church, I was still excited to think they had a church—such a visible reminder of God—standing tall and strong so close to their home. A picture of God, if you will, living in their midst, watching over them, inspiring worship and peace for any who would open their eyes and see (the way I finally did!)

Believe it or not, I have a church in my backyard, too. No, it’s not a building made of stone and brick. It’s simply my yard. But it’s filled with visible reminders of God. The trees, the grass, the birds, the breeze all point to him and remind me that he’s living in my midst. He’s watching over me, and yes, inspiring worship and peace when I take the time to lift my eyes and turn my thoughts toward him.

Amazing, huh? I can’t help but proclaim, “Wow—I’ve got a church in my backyard!” How about you?

“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song…” Psalm 98:4

*Where are some places, other than church, where you’re inspired to worship?

*Hope this slightly revised and updated encore post from March 2010 blessed you today!

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  1. Hi Cheryl – We have a church just down the road from our home. When we were looking to buy our home we narrowed the list down to 5 possibilities, but having a church so close by was one of the major factors that helped us make our final decision. God is always near watching over us, whether it be in a formal church, or through the beauty of His creation.

    • Mairead, love how having a church so nearby helped you decide to buy your current home! There really is comfort in having that kind of visible reminder of his nearness, isn’t there? Of course, when we really look, there are reminders everywhere, aren’t there? Blessings to you this spring, my friend!

  2. Great way to look at your backyard, Cheryl! Makes me realize I have a church out almost every window!

  3. Cheryl! How neat. We have a new to us home and I noticed there are 3 churches in the neighborhood! Like you have to drive in to our neighborhood to reach them. As a follower of Christ I love that. So fun to have found you. Helen @

    • Helen, welcome! So glad you’re here! And wow, three churches in your neighborhood — I bet that doesn’t happen to many people! Enjoy your new neighborhood!

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