Bridal Shows—Both Fun and Practical!


Mother of the Bride, want to have a fun day out with your daughter but also gather helpful ideas and maybe even discover the perfect vendor for one of your wedding needs? Attend a bridal show or wedding expo together!

Bridal shows are all part of the fun so enjoy one or two to the utmost. Remember, your role as mother of the bride (and your daughter’s of bride-to-be) will pass all too quickly so don’t miss out on a chance to fully live the experience.

Here are some fun and/or helpful things you will encounter at a bridal show:

*freebies for all the brides are offered by most exhibitors

*chances to win major prizes for those who register

*yummy samples of wedding cake and other menu items for the reception

*beautiful displays and informational handouts

*fashion show

*opportunity to meet florists, photographers, caterers, pastry chefs, etc.

*ideas for everything from flowers to invitations to make-up

*discounts for certain items or services

 So what are you waiting for? Check The Knot’s list of bridal shows or Google bridal shows in your area and then grab your little bride-to-be and take off for a day of fun and wedding planning. Who knows—maybe your daughter will win one of the prizes! Woohoo!! :)

*Have you attended a bridal show yet? Any tips to offer other MOBs?

*Flickr photo by Watershed Post, Creative Commons License


  1. I went to the Bridal Extravaganza with a bridesmaid in Houston several years ago. I looked it up online and it is happening in July this year and costs $15 at the door.

    Even though my wedding wasn’t in Houston, so I couldn’t use the vendors that were at the show at my wedding, it was still a really fun event and a great place to get ideas for cakes, flowers, dresses….and my friend even won a prize!

    Bridal shows can even be less expensive – there is one in Northwest Arkansas, and I believe it is only $5.

    • Glad you mentioned the entry fee, Kristin. I had forgotten about that. The one Kelli and I went to in Joplin, MO, was $5. Maybe the Houston show was more expensive because it is such a large city.

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