Wedding Day List: Add Comfy Shoes

Mother of the Bride, your attire for wedding day will not be complete without bringing a pair of comfy shoes. Whether slippers, flip-flops, or casual flats, you need to have a pair of comfortable shoes on hand for some well-timed relief from the dazzling heels you bought to go with your gorgeous MOB dress.

Comfy shoes can be worn at various times—during the pre-ceremony prep, the reception venue clean-up, and also the last couple of hours of the reception when dancing is fully underway. Guests probably won’t start arriving at the ceremony any earlier than thirty minutes prior, but to play it safe, you might want to slip on your MOB heels at least forty-five minutes ahead of start-time.

As far as the party goes, once the photographer snaps photos of the traditional dances, go ahead and get footloose and fancy free and dance in comfort. No one will care, and it will actually add to the fun atmosphere when everyone sees you unwind. Of course, only your closest family members will hang around to help with the clean-up so no worries about looking put together then. Who knows, you may even be barefoot by that point!

My comfy shoe of choice for both my girls’ weddings was my favorite flip-flops. Since they had May and July weddings, flip-flops worked great for me, but if your daughter is getting married in a cold-weather month, slippers may be in order. No rules here, though, MOB. Whatever works for you is the right choice.

So go ahead—add comfy shoes to your list right now while you’re thinking about it. Your tootsies will thank you come wedding day!

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*Flickr photo by Wicker Paradise, Creative Commons License


  1. Phyllis Bell says

    My second to oldest daughter’s son, my grandson was married this past Saturday at Hope Church Springfield MO. By the end of the day her feet had terrible blisters and you article is something I will remember to share next time one of my grandchildren are preparing for their wedding. I have a total of 10 grands and this is the first to marry.

    • Phyllis, so glad you’ll be able to share this with family in the future and hopefully prevent anyone else from suffering with blisters from a long wedding day. Sounds like you’ll have lots of weddings in your future with all the grands you’ve got. So special!

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