Wedding Day Checklist: Containers for Leftover Cake


Mother of the Bride, here’s a short and sweet Wedding Day reminder: Don’t forget containers for the leftover cake!

Yes, it’s hard to imagine that your guests might leave some of that wedding cake yumminess uneaten, but they sure do. Chances are you planned for more than enough cake because cake is one thing you don’t want to have in short supply at the reception. Also, not everyone will eat cake. Hard to believe, but true!

Check with your wedding cake baker to see if he or she provides boxes for the leftovers, and if not, be sure to bring your own containers. Something like the inexpensive food storage containers above works perfectly. These are even better than boxes because they’re air tight.

So, MOB, add containers to your wedding day checklist. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to indulge in extra bites as you pack the leftovers away! :)

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