Go 4th and Celebrate!

Yippee! It’s here! I’ve been waiting for a long time for the 4th of July to fall on a weekend. Why? For one thing, it makes it possible for our kids to come home and celebrate with us, but more than that, we’ll get to renew our family’s annual tradition with good friends Dennis and Teri and their kids Doug and Stephanie.

All during our kids’ growing up years, our two families celebrated New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July together. Homemade ice cream, chocolate sheet cake, and our own unpredictable and often hilarious fireworks displays quickly became tradition for our summer night of fun. Now that the kids all live away from home, these joint celebrations are few and far between — though I’m proud to say that Dennis, Teri, Don, and I still manage to party without them :)

But finally everything is falling into place for all the kids to be with us again. I’m not sure when Doug and Steph will join their parents, but Kristin and Shawn will pull into our place Thursday night while Kelli arrives Friday morning — with a new boyfriend in tow, by the way :) She has given strict orders for the fireworks contingency to wait on her before going to purchase our contribution to our reunion spectacular. For me, the truly spectacular part of the night will just be having everyone together again.

How about you? How will you be celebrating the 4th? I hope you get to enjoy the company of family or friends — or if you’re lucky like us, even have the best of both worlds. As we all kick back and take a break from our regular routines, let’s not forget the reason our nation has a celebration on the 4th of July. Let’s thank God for our freedom and for those who have paid a high price so that we can enjoy it. And as we remember, let’s join in the joy. Let’s freely go 4th and celebrate!

“Then all the people went away to eat and drink…to celebrate with great joy…” Nehemiah 8:12

*Flickr photo by Mar10o


  1. My husband’s uncle and his family will be joining us from out of state. What we’re doing? Who knows!!

    I hope you have a great one! And thanks for visiting my blog – I LOVE your title!!

  2. We plan to have a quiet 4th here at home. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Beth, thanks for popping over and visiting me, too! So glad you liked the title I came up with for your title contest :)

    Nancy, you all have wonderful 4th, too!

  4. Cheryl,

    Just noticed your creative title, Go 4th and Celebrate. Very cute.

  5. Debbie, I’ll have to give credit for that title to some commercial I heard on tv last week. It said something about “go 4th and …”.
    I can’t remember now exactly how it ended, but I just took it from there :)

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