Wedding Card Box Idea: A Wedding Cake!


Mother of the Bride, have you thought about a card box or container yet for the gift table at the church and the reception site? You don’t want those all important cards—with money or gift cards tucked inside—to get lost in the wedding day shuffle. What will you provide for your guests to deposit wedding cards in?

At our daughter Kelli’s wedding, we featured a card box designed like a wedding cake. It was the perfect solution and oh so pretty, too.

I got the idea from my sister Debbie after she made one for her son Adam’s wedding. Since I am not arts and craftsy at all, I asked my artistic friend Teri (who was my right-hand woman in so many ways) if she would be willing to make one for us. She happily agreed if I could provide instructions. Thank goodness Debbie was able to supply not only the instructions but a photo of her card box as well.

As you can see from the photo above (taken at the church before other gifts arrived), Teri did a beautiful job. She got most of her supplies during one of our shopping expeditions to Hobby Lobby . The photo below shows how it fit in with all the other gifts on the gift table at the reception site. Things got a little crowded! :)


*What other great ideas have you seen for card boxes?

*Fyi: One resource with instructions for a wedding cake card box is The Artful Bride: Simple, Handmade Wedding Projects

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  1. Debbie Henry says

    So do you know what happened to the card box? It would be nice to be able to recycle on to someone else but I guess most brides like to have their own creation.

    • Debbie, I think Kelli still has hers. She has a neat bookcase area around their fireplace where she has some of her wedding items on display. Good idea, though, to let other brides borrow card boxes. Some, I’m sure, would like to make their own, but I bet there would be others who would welcome the chance to borrow. Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. I like this. I’ll have to make sure Liz checks it out.

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