Adding Color — A Beauty Bonus

I love my parents’ yard and forested property behind their home and enjoyed spending time this past Memorial weekend soaking up the beauty of it. Can you see the splash of color on the far side of my dad’s garden? The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the vibrant red of the poppies he’d planted added the perfect brightening touch to the lush greens of the garden, the yard, and the woods beyond.

The area exudes beauty all on its own, but planning for and adding color to the scene blesses onlookers with a beauty bonus — a cherry on top, so to speak. Something that sparks a little extra thrill. Something that makes us pause in wonder. Something that makes us thank God for the beauty of His creation.

I wonder if there are scenes in our own lives that need a splash of color to brighten them up or to bless onlookers with a beauty bonus. Maybe it’s as simple as planting a few flowers in our own yards or displaying a fresh bouquet indoors, but we might need something entirely different.

If our lives are feeling a little dull, a little “same ole, same ole”, what can we do to make things more vibrant, to spark a little extra thrill? Maybe we can take up a new hobby or interest or undertake a challenge we’ve been avoiding. How about cultivating a new friendship or rekindling one that we’ve neglected? It might be time to volunteer somewhere, take on a new ministry, or go on a mission trip. Any number of things can add the perfect brightening touch to our lives — lives that undoubtedly already hold great beauty if we’ll give them a fresh look.

Sometimes we even need to add some color to our spiritual and devotional lives. If you’re like me, it’s easy to fall into a rut and approach my time with God in the same way all the time. What can we do to add color to our time with Him? If we make the effort, I bet onlookers will be blessed with a beauty bonus as our lives reflect our fresh walk with God.

What do you say? Let’s add some color!

“He put a new song in my mouth…” Psalm 40:3a

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*Update: Don’s mom developed very serious complications and had to be moved to a hospital in a neighboring city today. I wrote this post yesterday so had it ready to go. Probably won’t be able to keep up with regular posts for awhile but will try to update when I can. I’ll thank you in advance for all your prayers — so appreciate you all!


  1. One of the things I love the most about living in eastern NC are the fields of wildflowers (red poppies being a favorite) that are planted in the median of our highways. I can be driving along routinely, round a corner and be surprised by the vibrant witness of God’s handiwork. Such a sight never ceases to pause my spirit with a rich awareness of God in my midst.

    I need to add some color to my world in coming days. I’m sensing a shift in my spirit, along with my shift in physical location. I look forward to adding God’s “red” to my sometimes “routine” look.

    Beautiful reflection, Cheryl. I needed this!


  2. I will remember your mom in my prayers.
    Lumberjack’s WIfe

  3. Such a beautiful post (and picture)…Sabbath blessings to you.

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