Comforting Candlelight

Autumn has been dragging its heels in coming to our corner of the Midwest. Usually by this time in October the leaves have transformed our communities and countryside into a brilliant display of red, gold, and orange. This year we’re still waiting. Above normal temperatures have certainly played havoc with our thirst for fall. It hasn’t even been cool enough yet for me to make my first pot of chili.

On Monday this past week, however, it was dark and rainy and actually stayed cool all day. I decided to celebrate and light a couple of candles — another fall treat that has been delayed by the warm temps. First I lit the tealight candle in my little jack-o-lantern in the dining room and then hurried with excitement to place a pumpkin-scented candle in the perfect spot in the living room. I felt very pleased with myself as I placed it in front of our 25th anniversary Precious Moments figurine and watched it illuminate not only the figurine but some favorite family photos on either side. Talk about pure contentment.

Candles are amazing. Just like colorful fall leaves, they too can transform our surroundings. When they have been lit, they add such beauty to every room they grace. The warm glow they create attracts us. The flame draws us in and holds our eyes as long as we’ll allow ourselves to linger. Candles give soft light to their surroundings, helping us slow down and see things in a different way, from a calmer and more peaceful perspective. Their fragrance welcomes us and comforts us with contentment. They provide warmth for those who will come close enough to experience it. Candlelight is a wonder really. It has the power to change not only our surroundings but our attitudes as well.

Do you know people who display the characteristics of candles? Some who just seem to add beauty, light, warmth, and peace wherever they go? We find ourselves naturally attracted to them, don’t we? We find comfort in their welcoming presence and feel encouraged as we go on our way. They bring positive change to the lives they touch. Are you a person like that?

The greatest Light in our world, of course, is Jesus. He is the One who perfectly embodies these characteristics. And as His followers, people should see Him in us — they should be attracted to the Jesus in us. How is this possible? By the power of God. “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.” 2 Corinthians 2:14 NIV

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  1. Cheryl,
    You certainly have a way of taking an earthly happening and making a
    biblical application. Kristin and Kelli will certainly be flooded by
    emotions as they read this blog and remember their childhood years.

  2. Thanks, Don! God is faithfully supplying the ideas and the words as well. Thanks for reading — as if you don’t get enough words from me at home! :)

  3. Cheryl, I know what you mean about candles making you feel relaxed. I have missed burning them this summer, too. There is, also, a rule at our house I can’t burn candles when Keith is gone.:) I’ve been known to forget to blow them out.

    Way to go, Don! I’m very impressed you wrote something on Cheryl’s blog. :)

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