Before-the-Wedding Shot of Colorful Bridal Shoes


Mother of the Bride, is your little bride-to-be one of those brides who wants to make a splash on her wedding day with colorful shoes? If she has made a bold color choice to adorn her tootsies on her big day, here’s a great photo idea to help show them off before she ever puts them on.

Have the photographer document her splash of color in a before-the-wedding shot that will show off not only the shoes but the gown as well. Most photographers take a shot of the dress before the bride dresses on wedding day so just arrange the train in a similar fashion to the photo above. Place her snazzy shoes on the bed of white elegance created by her gown, and there you have it. A perfect photo to highlight one of the fun choices she’s made for her day to remember.

Why not mention this idea to the photographer, MOB? Won’t it be fun to surprise your darling girl with a special shot of her big-day shoes like this? Go on now. Have some fun!

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License


  1. Gina Derksen says

    Hi Cheryl,
    Knee-deep in July ’19 wedding prep here, and just discovered your encouraging blog.
    My girl has chosen pretty sparkly flats to wear on her Day. I thought it would be fun, the morning of the wedding, to get a photo of her wearing my own (27 year-old) wedding shoes with her dress. Any ideas?
    Looking forward to reading your past & future posts!
    Gina in Virginia

    • Gina, so glad you discovered my blog — and thanks so much for introducing yourself! Hope you find lots of help and encouragement here. Love the idea of getting a photo of your daughter wearing your wedding shoes the morning of her wedding. Maybe you could get a shot of you helping put one of the shoes on her foot? When brides are already in their dresses, they usually need help getting their shoes on anyway, and that always makes a super cute photo! :)

      Good luck with all your planning. My book is slated to come out June 1 so maybe you’ll be able to get a copy in time to give you just the boost of refreshment and encouragement you’ll need about that time! :) I still don’t have a photo of the cover from my publisher to share with everyone yet, but the title is going to be Mother of the Bride and the subtitle will be Refreshment and Wisdom for the Mother of the Bride. It is being published by BroadStreet Publishing. Am super excited to be able to offer it to MOBs like you! :)

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