Pretty on Pretty: Spotted Tulle for Attire or Décor


Sometimes you see an idea that just makes your heart melt. That’s what happened to me when I saw some examples of spotted tulle petticoats for flower girls over on Martha Stewart’s The Bride’s Guide. (Click on the link and you’ll see them all if you continue clicking through all five photos. The shot above is a more understated use on a bridal gown.)

As soon as I caught sight of these uses of spotted tulle, it amped up the feminine factor for me and made pretty even prettier. And I have a feeling it can do this for just about anything wedding-related. Whether it’s used for dresses, petticoats, veils, or various décor, I think spotted tulle might even have the power to make grown men go awww . . .

Yes, I admit it. I’m now in love with spotted tulle. My daughters may be breathing a sigh of relief even as we speak that they’re already married and that I won’t be on the spotted-tulle-loose while planning their weddings. Who knows, though—maybe they’ll wish we had discovered it while they were brides-to-be. Maybe they’ll want to incorporate it into their lives somehow right now. Maybe I’ll have to help them shop . . . Okay, I’ll stop now :)

For those of you who are now also smitten by spotted tulle beauty, here are a few more examples just to get your MOB-wheels turning:

Dragonfly Design spotted tulle 50’s wedding dress

Sweet Pins Florrie Mitton Innocence bridal garter

Posh Tots Millie Grace ‘Dorothy’ flower girl dress

Etsy listing – GRETHA vintage inspired bridal veil

*Question for you: Don’t forget—spotted tulle is available in all sorts of colors. So, thinking outside the attire-box for a minute, what might be some great ways to decorate with it?

*Flickr photo by Bellafaye 

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