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6428296851_a53a4c3385_zSince February is almost upon us, I thought I would kick off the Valentine’s season with an extra sweet giveaway. And no, I’m not just teasing you with a picture of Godiva chocolates — the giveaway is for a $10 Godiva gift card! It’s just enough to get you a few pieces of heavenly delight. If you get into the store and decide you need more, you’re on your own after the $10 limit :)

To be included in the drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by noon Feb. 13th and follow these guidelines: Be sure to include your name as well as an email address if I don’t know you personally. In your comment tell me your favorite chocolate treat or dessert. If chocolate is not your thing, you won’t be penalized :) Just go ahead and mention your favorite sweet indulgence. I think mine is our family’s chocolate sheet cake with homemade ice cream. I will announce the winner sometime between noon on the 13th and noon on Valentine’s Day. (I sure have fun with these giveaways — hope you do, too!)

I got to play a part in a different kind of “giveaway” on our mission trip to inner city Ft. Worth. Meals, clothing, and toiletries are given away regularly at Beautiful Feet, but our team always brings extra items to give away — full care packs, gloves, Bibles, etc. This year a group of ladies had made tote bags with shoulder straps, and I got to help hand those out between Sunday morning services. The bigger ones, more like duffel bags, proved to be quite a hit because they were large enough to hold a pillow, blanket, and a back pack — a very important feature to those who are homeless and have to carry everything they own.

Everyone showed great appreciation for these duffel bags, but one gentleman in particular touched me deeply with his reaction. After receiving his bag, he sat down and watched as we gave out the others. He had the biggest smile on his face and kept saying “What a blessing this is! What a blessing this is!”

I think this man’s biggest happiness came from seeing others receive their bags. What he didn’t realize is how much I felt humbled and blessed to be in his presence and the presence of so many other inner city folks who freely praised and worshiped God in spite of their impoverished situations. What a treasured experience to fellowship with this part of God’s family — my family — and to be a blessing to them.

Why not try a giveaway yourself during this month for love? Is there someone you could bless in a special way? Don’t forget — when you do this, you are also blessing God.

“God…will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10

*Flickr photo by Daniel Y. Go, Creative Commons License


  1. Wow, I have too many to list! This is definitely my kind of topic :) I also love the chocolate sheet cake with homemade ice cream, and I also love the chocolate/peanut butter bars that Grandma makes, and my favorite restaurant dessert is the Molten Chocolate Cake at Chili’s. Oh, there is also that chocolate cake at Cheddars. Well, I could probably keep going, but I better stop listing desserts or I’ll make myself hungry!

  2. Well, this is my first time to respond with a comment, but I really do enjoy your blog when I have a chance to read it.
    Sounds like you had a really great experience on your mission trip. What a blessing to reach these people for the Kingdom.
    I’m not a big chocolate fan, but I do like the hot fudge chocolate cake with ice cream you can get at some buffets and the sugar free chocolate mint patties by Russell Stover.

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! You are going to cause a riot by giving a gift card for chocolate! My favorite chocolate treat has to be an Oreo Cake. Absolutely delicious!!!!! And of course, there is the old favorite of homemade chocolate chip cookies!!1 Of course I will eat any chocolate and not complain! That is a good idea for a Valentine’s giveaway!!

  4. Mmmm…all this talk about chocolate is making me hungry!! I LOVE my mom’s chocolate TX sheet cake with chocolate icing. And anything dark chocolate is amazing. And the best restaurant dessert for me is definitely the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! Yum!
    I love your blog! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!!

  5. I am glad that things went well on your mission trip. What a great giveaway for February! I must say that I do love Orea truffles-very easy to make, but there are times that any chocolate will do.

  6. I also love the chocolate sheet cake with homemade ice cream the most!! Grandma’s peanut butter bars are always one of my favorites also!!

  7. From Jean Hall, P. O. Box 1101, Indian Trail, NC 28079 – JAJMH@carolina.rr.com.

    Oh, my. Is there a chocolate I don’t like? I make some sinfully rich chocolate cookies from a chocolate cake mix, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips that I really love. But there are just too many chocolate treats to choose from.

    I tell everyone that I don’t waste fat grams and calories on anything that isn’t wrapped in chocolate.

    And then, there’s chocolate wrapped around peanut butter. I’m making myself hungry.

  8. Cheryl,

    It will be just my luck to win this now that I’m on Weight Watchers! This week we had a cookie making demonstration at international wives and I made Magic Cookie Bars. I did sneek a few crumbs. :) I had forgot how good they were! I was telling the ladies how this was one of my very favorite cookies in the whole world and I learned to make them when I was in high school. I don’t know if you remember or not but we had a mother/daughter tea once where the leader had us make the magic cookie bars.

    What a great idea giving away the duffel bags. I’m sure it really was a blessing to the homeless.

  9. Thanks to everyone who responded on this first day of the giveaway!

    Hey daughters, I figured the chocolate sheet cake & homemade ice cream would rate high with you & Kristin, I thought about the chocolate cake at Chili’s too :)

    Emily, I bet your mom’s TX choc sheet cake is similar to ours — so yummy! Also, when I saw your name, I couldn’t help but think of The Chocolate Bar — that little dessert spot in Houston that you introduced Kristin and me to. Soooo good!!!

    Paula, welcome aboard as a commenter! You’ll have to try it again sometime :)

    Lisa, Heather, & Jean, you sound a lot like me. I can go for just about anything chocolate — and usually do!

    And Debbie, thanks for mentioning another family favorite. I do, in fact, remember discovering the magic cookie bars through the mother/daughter tea. Carolyn made some for Christmas this year. Mmmm!

  10. Chocolate is a wonderful topic! The chocolate sheet cake & homemade ice cream and magic cookie bars are the family favorites for sure. I also love anything german chocolate. I had some type of german chocolate cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and it was the best! Carolyn

  11. Hi Cheryl, You certainly come up with some great ideas. I would love to have the recipe for Heather’s Oreo truffles. (the “easy to make” remark makes it sound even better :) My favorite chocolate dessert might be of interest to the “weight watchers”. I found the recipe in our newspaper. It was headlined as “Eat Chocolate Cake and Lose Weight”. The base is an Angel Food cake mix with cocoa added, then baked in a sheet, cut in three layers (I cut mine in two, easier) and filled and frosted with a mixture of Lite Cool Whip, instant sugar free chocolate pudding mix, milk and a T. of instant coffee granules. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to send the full recipe. It is moist and delicious and a hit with our family. (Doesn’t taste nearly as low cal as it sounds.) Soooooo good. love and blessings, Norma

  12. I was reading Boomer Babes Rock, saw your comment, and came on over to check out your blog. I am so glad to meet you. Your concern for the homeless is such an encouragement. Another of my online friends just posted about this concern in her city: http://nancybond.blogspot.com/2008/02/with-eyes-closed.html

    As far as chocolate goes, Cheryl, our entire family enjoys a wee bite of chocolate with coffee after dinner. One favorite is the Hershey “truffles”. We celebrated our 20-year old daughter’s birthday yesterday with chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate frosting. Chocolate overkill was much enjoyed by all. :)

  13. P.S. – May I please have Norma’s cake recipe, or could you post it? Thank you. :)

  14. Carolyn, have you guys ever tried the german chocolate ice cream at Braum’s? Don & Kristin love it.

    Joyce, thanks so much for checking out my blog! I have emailed Norma and Heather for their recipes so will try to post those sometime in the next week or so. By the way, the guidelines for the giveaway mention including your email address if I don’t know you personally so would you please comment again and include it? Thanks!

  15. Hi, Cheryl,
    My email address is joyce.taron@gmail.com.
    Also, I’ll look forward to your posting of the cake recipe!

  16. Well, where do I start? The black-out cake & the chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory are sooo good. Godiva dark chocolate truffles are to die for!
    I made dark chocolate clusters with almonds & dried cherries last year for Valentine’s for my husband & daughter- they loved them & they were healthy for you. Really! An Ellie Krieger recipe on the Food Network. Don’t get me started on all the good recipes they have there!! What a super idea to have a chocolate giveaway!!!!

  17. Teri, I’m thrilled to see that you, my “partner in chocolate crime” :),took the plunge into the world of “comments” and decided to try for the giveaway. Can’t wait for our next chocolate adventure! :)

  18. Hey, Cheryl! It’s always great to read your blog…especially when there’s chocolate involved! Can you believe that after my mom made chocolates in our home for a few years, I was actually tired of the stuff? Don’t worry, I’ve gotten over it. My favorite chocolate treat is a thick, eat-it-with-a-spoon, hot chocolate, as made in Spain. Or, anything else that involves chocolate. :) Hope you’re doing well!

  19. Chandi, so glad you enjoy the blog and decided to join in on the giveaway fun! The Spanish hot chocolate sounds wonderful!

  20. After my recent experiences with “Gayle” I keep a backpack in my van with supplies/coat, etc. in case I see her again. This is such an awesome idea…

    I think I’ll do some more pondering along these lines for future ministry opportunity.

    Thanks for directing me here. Guess I’m too late for the chocolate giveaway:)


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