The Sounds of Spring

Early in the mornings, when I stick my head out the door or step outside for a few seconds to take in the beauty of the day, the sounds that greet me often capture my attention first. And now, it’s the sounds of spring that fill the neighborhood. Yes, the sounds of life are once again in full voice.

These lively spring mornings stand in stark contrast to the silence that met my ears this winter during my early morning checks of the day. The sounds of nature seemed to freeze right along with the icicles hanging from the eaves of our home. Even God’s creatures knew when to hole up and snuggle in rather than venture out into the bitter cold.

But now the world has come to life again. Spring has turned up the volume, and I for one am loving the concert it gives each day.

I think the birds are my favorite. With their various melodies and calls, they soothe my soul or sometimes surprise me with sounds of a brawl. (The other morning I saw a regular rumble!) At other times, I’ll hear squirrels chattering or the steady background noise of a spring shower, and occasionally thunder will announce a coming storm. On other days, the sound of the wind tries to drown out things of lesser notice. And, of course, we humans add to the symphony with our excited proclamations of spring’s arrival and our too-early-in-the-season lawn mowing escapades.

Yes, winter is past. Spring is here. Life has begun anew. What a perfect accompaniment to our celebration of Easter. May our voices of praise to our Creator and Redeemer add to the sounds of spring, add to the sounds of life!

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad . . .  let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them . . . ” Psalm 96:11-12 NIV

*Anyone else as excited about spring as I am? What’s your favorite sound of spring?

*Flickr photo by ibm4381, Creative Commons License


  1. Jimmy and I have been enjoying the sound of the woodpecker on our neighbor’s tree. Didn’t know I missed it until I heard it for the first time again last week!

  2. we’re still waiting for spring! the birds haven’t returned yet, the squirrels nowhere to be seen. i’m trying to be optimistic… :)

    my favorite part about spring? tulips!

  3. My heart is finally ready to receive the gift of spring. I, too, am enjoying the sounds of spring, minus the pollen!


  4. Mine isn’t so much a sound, but a sighting… the bunnies that frequent out backyard are back. So cute! We stand there and watch them all the time. : )

  5. Spring is in full swing in these parts. With temps near 90 it actually feels like summer! After such a snowy winter I am loving the green grass, flowering trees and blooming daffodils. My favorite sound is the black capped chickadee that makes its home outside my office window. It’s music to my ears.
    Enjoy your spring!

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