Wedding Cake-Stand Idea: A Mirror!


Mother of the Bride, when it comes time to decide wedding cake details, I encourage you and your daughter to consider several options for cake stands. Maybe with some extra thought, you can avoid renting traditional cake stands for the wedding cake and/or groom’s cake from your baker.

For example, how about using a mirror as a cake stand? The mirror cake-stand above is pictured with a groom’s cake, but one could be used for the wedding cake, too, if you aren’t concerned about adding height to your cake.

A mirror as a cake stand not only provides a cool illusion but could also be used for other purposes after the wedding. So even though there will be some expense in purchasing a mirror, it will continue to benefit you after the wedding instead of simply losing your investment in a rental fee.

What do you think, MOB? Why not check with your daughter and see if a mirror might work well with the cake she has in mind? She might just love the thought of getting a bigger bang for the wedding cake buck!

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*Flickr photo by prettydaisies, Creative Commons License

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