Full Length Mirror for the Bridal Dressing Room

Mother of the Bride, your daughter and her beloved may have already secured their wedding ceremony venue since that’s one of the first things that needs to be done before other wedding planning. But chances are they didn’t think too much about the bridal dressing room when they made their choice. After all, other factors are indeed more important.

But now that the venue has been selected, be sure to tour it soon with your daughter. Not only will you want to see the area to help plan décor, but be sure to view the rooms the wedding party will use to get ready in and  await the big moment.

In addition to wanting a bridal dressing room large enough to accommodate the bride and all her bridesmaids, another must is a full-length mirror. The bride and her maids will want to check their appearance before walking down the aisle, and they will want a full-length view. They’ll want to make sure they look perfect, not to mention delighting in their beautiful appearance for a minute and tucking it away in their memories. The bride especially needs the opportunity to do this. The groom and his guys will need a mirror as well, but you and I both know it won’t be quite as important to them, will it?

So, MOB, if a full-length mirror is not already part of the bridal dressing room, add that to your to-do list. Arrange for one and make sure your baby girl gets the view of a lifetime on her special day!

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Wedding Cake-Stand Idea: A Mirror!


Mother of the Bride, when it comes time to decide wedding cake details, I encourage you and your daughter to consider several options for cake stands. Maybe with some extra thought, you can avoid renting traditional cake stands for the wedding cake and/or groom’s cake from your baker.

For example, how about using a mirror as a cake stand? The mirror cake-stand above is pictured with a groom’s cake, but one could be used for the wedding cake, too, if you aren’t concerned about adding height to your cake.

A mirror as a cake stand not only provides a cool illusion but could also be used for other purposes after the wedding. So even though there will be some expense in purchasing a mirror, it will continue to benefit you after the wedding instead of simply losing your investment in a rental fee.

What do you think, MOB? Why not check with your daughter and see if a mirror might work well with the cake she has in mind? She might just love the thought of getting a bigger bang for the wedding cake buck!

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*Flickr photo by prettydaisies, Creative Commons License