Show Off Season

Someone’s showing off in our neighborhood — and from what I hear, He may be showing off in yours, too. The landscape around here is changing daily, with colors popping overnight. Yesterday’s trees have donned new clothes, and tomorrow’s will wear an even different shade. October’s work is underway.

Many talented artists, craftsmen, and designers populate our world, but can any match God’s artistry? Their representations of His original work are most times beautiful indeed, but can they even touch the magnificence God gives us by allowing us to be right out in the work itself?

God graces each season with its own unique beauties, but for a couple of weeks in October, He just plain shows off, doesn’t He? We’re hard pressed to keep up with the changes occurring daily around us, and if we’re not careful — if we’re too busy or stressed or even just caught up in our daily routines — we’ll miss the changing feast surrounding us. And it’s a feast not to be missed.

God’s show off season won’t last long so let’s do what we must to enjoy it. Let’s take a few extra seconds as we rush from door to door and let our eyes linger on the beauties of fall. Let’s drive out of our way from time to time to see what we can spy or take a leisurely walk and fully experience God’s masterpiece with all our senses at once. Let’s take it in — and then thank Him for showing off yet again.

“How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all…” Psalm 104:24a

*We’re lucky to have more than one beautiful tree in our neighborhood. Remember the one across the street from us? (The leaves haven’t changed colors on it yet.) The one pictured above is just a couple of houses away, and I look forward to it’s glorious colors every fall.

*My photo


  1. I just love love love God’s show off season!

    Thanks for sharing….

  2. Fall is my absolute favorite season. The colors, the smells…all beautiful reminders of God’s awesome power! :)

    Thanks for sharing, C! :)

  3. There’s nothing more beautifully landscaped than the trees that God as planted on his earth! I LOVE this time of year. In a couple of weeks, we’re heading to the mountains. I hope there is some color left, but if not, just being in the mountains is enough to send my spirit soaring.

    Enjoy your weekend, Cheryl. Hope the wedding plans are coming along…


  4. Since you mentioned the wedding plans, Elaine, thought I would just give a little update. Things are shaping up a little at a time.
    Kind of challenging working around Kelli’s work schedule and traveling over there every so often to try to check places out, etc.

    So far we have the church and reception site nailed down and the photographer, caterer, and the florist booked. Still working on the cake and a few other things. This weekend we should make the final decision on her dress and get it ordered (involves yet another trip for both of us to a completely different city!)

    If we can get several of these major things nailed down, I think we’ll wait until after Christmas to think about bridesmaids dresses, decorations, invitations, etc. Goodness, we’ve got to make time to Christmas shop and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! :) Thanks for asking!

  5. So pretty. We don’t get loads of fall color here. Mostly just green to brown to dead. Sigh. Sometimes I’ll come across a tree that wants to show off it’s color around here and I’ll drink it in!

  6. Oh the awesome beauty of God’s creation. What a gift!

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