Finding Renewed Treasure

I made Christmas shopping easy for my husband this past Christmas season. Since my Bible of fifteen years was sporting loose pages in the front and back, I knew it was time to part with it and break in a new one before I started leaving the Word of God as a trail behind me—though that’s not such a bad idea, is it?!

I searched the internet, found the exact Bible I wanted, ordered it, and then informed him that it was his Christmas gift to me. We both win, right? :) But when we get right down to it, I’m the bigger winner. His satisfaction in getting out of Christmas shopping lasted only a short time. The satisfaction I’m finding in the gift—the Word of God—blooms each day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an underliner. You can just imagine what my old Bible looked like after fifteen years. Getting a new one with no markings felt a little scary. I thought for sure I would miss my notes and underlines and feel rather lost without them.

On the contrary, something entirely different has happened. I feel excited as I read. Each passage seems fresh, almost new. Verses well-known to me and loved dearly have taken on an aura of renewed treasure as I read them as if for the first time—words untouched by my handy pen, words I consider once more as I underline again.

I pray I will continue to look at the Word of God with fresh eyes, even long after I get my new Bible broken-in. I pray that I will come to it excited about what I may discover, expectant over what the Lord might reveal to me. I pray that the satisfaction I’m finding in the gift—the Word of God—will continue to bloom within me each day.

Is it time for you to take a fresh look at some familiar passages? I guarantee you will find renewed treasure. Definitely a winning proposition!

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, LORD God Almighty.” Jeremiah 15:16

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  1. Nothing like cracking the spine on a brand new Bible. I pray it a strong and special refreshment for your spirit this year. Can’t think of a better gift to receive.

    Mine is falling apart. Just not ready to part with it.


  2. I know what you mean, Elaine. So hard to give up a well-worn, favorite Bible. It’s like parting with a dearly loved friend. I’m on my way, though, to creating the same deep bond with my new Bible.

  3. That was brave, Cheryl. My Bible is covered in clear adhesive. When that wore through, I added packing tape. I found the Bible in the Lost & Found at a church where I worked back in about 1980. Not giving it up, nosirreeebob!

    How did you decide which one to get?

  4. Jana, I understand not wanting to give up your Bible. Little by little, I will transfer my notes, underlinings, etc. in my new one.

    I’ve had an NIV Bible since the
    80s so wanted to stay with what I know well (have memorized from that version). Since I’m not in favor of the newest version of the NIV (they changed text to be gender neutral rather than staying with accurate translation), I searched online to to find the original 1984 copyright version(with some updates). So I am a happy camper with the older-version NIV Study Bible :)

  5. I have 2 Bibles which need to be traded in for new copies, one’s cover fell off, the other is losing pages, the one w/o a front cover is filled w/ underlined verses and notes, the one w/ loose pages has notes, no underlines…I am thinking glue and packing tape for the time being.

    Like you, I certainly want fresh eyes and an open heart to receive!

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    I remember that feeling of swapping out the old Bible for a new one. Bittersweet and exciting. My mom says that every few years she tries to read through the Bible as if she has never seen it before! I like to do that each time now, asking God why is this in there, why are these numbers important to you, etc. Fascinating!

    RYC on my site, I agree. :)

    Have fun.

    Jennifer Dougan

  7. I have had my Bible for 18 years and it is starting to wear as well. I just received a new one last week as a gift. It is a Grandmother’s Bible with special things for grandparents. Watch my blog next week I will be showing it off!

  8. I still miss my notes from my bible that fell apart. My new bible was recommended – but I don’t like the paragraph form on a page. I really like the 2 columns on a page:(

    And, yes, it is scary to have a new bible without notes. Now I use a notebook for those notes.

  9. I have a Bible that I will not let myself underline or highlight for this very reason. If I underline, I tend to always gravitate to that same verse and miss all that’s around it. (But I do have another Bible that I do let myself underline. :) Just can’t resist.)

  10. Jamie, you are so right about gravitating to the underlined portions. Very good idea to use a non-underlined Bible at times!

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