Bridal Bouquet Idea: Add Some Sparkle with Gemstones

Calofornia wedding 2014 427 - Elece Hollis

Mother of the Bride, when it’s time for your daughter to select the flowers for her bridal bouquet, maybe she’d like to add some sparkle, too—with jewelry! Never fear, though, I’m not talking about genuine gemstones. Imitations will work quite nicely.

Bouquet jewelry, like the rhinestones or clear crystals in the red rose bouquet above, provide not only sparkle but also contrasting color, much like baby’s breath or another white accent flower. And bouquet jewelry will do those things less expensively. That’s right, you’ll save money!

Possibilities abound where bouquet jewelry is concerned. Bouquet jewelry can be added to the stem wrap, too, as shown on the ribbon in the photo below. Bigger items like brooches can be used as well on the wraps or in the bouquets themselves. One dazzling rhinestone butterfly or brooch can transform a bouquet from pretty to gorgeous in seconds. And a variety of imitation gemstones and pearls lay at the disposal of your floral arranger.

How about it, MOB? Try suggesting bouquet jewelry to your daughter. After all, what girl doesn’t like jewelry?

*Check out for ideas and prices. And if you’re interested in another way to save on the bouquets, you might also like to read Savings Tip for Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets

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  1. ‘Number of gemstones so as number of its uses’ Anywhere and in any way gems can be used.. than why not for a ‘Bride’… it will deepen her beauty .Wonderful idea by author.Thanks for sharing.

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