Bridal Shoes: The Lacy Look

IMG_3050 - CopyMother of the Bride, once your darling daughter has selected her bridal gown, she’ll soon be shopping for accessories—and that includes the all-important bridal shoes. She may already have some very specific preferences in mind, but if she’s open to suggestions, here’s an option today that you might want to share with her.

Would a lacy-look bridal shoe look good with her gown? I spotted the Dolce by Moho Moxy Flora ankle boot above at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse recently, but other styles of lacy-look bridal shoes are out there as well. My search for lace bridal shoes on Pinterest turned up a page full of options.

MOB, shoe-shopping is always fun, but I hope you have an extra measure of fun as you and your little-girl-turned-bride look for her Big-Day shoes. Enjoy every second!

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