Truffle Anyone?

Since my last post dealt with the somewhat weighty issue of goals, how about a change of pace? I think a little lighter fare is in order today. Let’s talk chocolate. Keep in mind, though, if you indulge too much, it will quickly become a weighty issue as well :)

I admit it. I have a sweet tooth. And that sweet tooth absolutely loves chocolate. Since watching my blood sugar has become a bit of an issue the past couple of years, you can imagine how that lifestyle change has cramped my style. Lucky for me, though, dark chocolate has been proven to be good for our health, and even peanut M & Ms, Snickers, and low-fat ice cream (in small amounts) are acceptable on the gylcemic index. You better believe these little treats help me make it through the day.

No one knows my chocolate weaknesses better than my family and close friends. Since I like to “celebrate” when I’m with them, I would say there are even times they have seen me pretty much obsessed with working some chocolate into the day’s events :)

During a holiday shopping outing with my friend Teri during mid-December, I got to thinking about chocolate truffles. Not just any truffles, but the ones with chocolate filling as well. We then, of course, had to start looking for them. We finally found some in Dillard’s, and they were even dark chocolate. (Okay, they probably weren’t 70% cacao, but still…) We stood and talked about buying those truffles for probably 10 minutes. Neither of us needed to eat a whole box of truffles, though, so we even considered buying a box and splitting it. End result? We couldn’t bring ourselves to let loose and do it. Instead we headed back to Godiva (yes, back — we had already been there, of course), and Teri bought us a couple of singles. We really live on the edge, huh? :)

Now if you think that’s the end of the story, you don’t know me very well. I couldn’t get that box of truffles out of my mind. So…when Don and I went back to T-town after Christmas to shop the after-holiday sales, you can be sure we weren’t leaving town until I checked to see if Dillard’s still had those truffles. I figured they’d be on sale after Christmas, and who could pass them up then?

We had lots of stops to make (as usual), traffic was crazy, and we had tickets to a late-afternoon show. We had only a short amount of time to spend at the mall, but I was determined to make it to Dillard’s to track down those truffles. With the clock ticking and my thirst for truffles propelling me forward, I led Don in practically a dead-run. At one point, he asked “Why can’t we just walk leisurely like the rest of these folks?” He obviously didn’t understand the importance of my mission that day.

I knew exactly where to go when we reached the store. On my first run-through of the Christmas goodies on sale, I didn’t see them. I kicked myself and moaned to Don about how I missed out because I wouldn’t get them when I saw them a few weeks earlier. But then there they were, just over on another table. I gasped and grabbed them in sweet relief. The truffles were mine at last :)

Know what was even sweeter than eating that first truffle when we got home? Taking them to Dennis & Teri’s on New Year’s Eve like some kind of conquering hero :) She was equally as excited as I was, and we even took pictures. Yes, we were slightly crazy that night so you won’t be seeing those photos :)

Bottom line? I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my truffles — one a day, a bite here and a bite there. Sometimes you’ve just gotta let loose and live. I love it that the Word of God says that God “richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” (1 Timothy 6:17b) He must have known how much I would love chocolate. How about you? What little thing do you delight in? Go ahead, indulge a little — and enjoy!

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  1. Cheryl,

    Loved your truffle story and picture. I think it will be awhile before I get to eat a truffle. :) They would probably be way too many points on Weight Watchers but I’ve had one of those truffles and they are sure good. Getting them on sale probably even them more sweet. I don’t know that I would have the discipline to let one last me all day.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Debbie! I thought I would hear from all kinds of chocolate lovers about this post. Instead, it must have prompted them to get up from the computer and go find some chocolate! :) Glad you liked the picture, too. I’m pretty proud of managing to get some pictures posted (even though I’ve had to get advice from Kristin & Shawn!) Good luck with Weight Watchers!!

  3. Makes me hungry!

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