Guard: Theme Word for 2014


Like many of you, I’ve chosen theme words for the past couple of years to help guide me through the year. In 2012, my word was focus, and last year I chose finish. Keeping those words in mind helped me immensely, especially in my writing life.

My word this year is guard. When I began considering and praying about what word should be my guide-word this year, the word guard came to my attention time and again. Others did as well, but guard has resonated with me the most. Don’t you love how God guides us as we seek his wisdom?

I don’t know all the reasons I need to focus on guard this year, but I do know as my writing life moves forward, I need to guard my time and my heart carefully. I need to be on guard in making wise decisions and guard against feeling pressured into making decisions I’m not comfortable with.

Guard will be a good guide word in my personal and spiritual life as well. Among other things, I need to guard my health. I’ve learned from experience that when I push too hard and get too busy and stressed, my body lets me know it. Spiritually, I need to guard against Satan and the traps he tries to ensnare me in most often. I need to be alert to new ones, too. Our adversary will do anything he can to make us stumble and fall or strip us of our joy in the Lord. And of course, I always need to guard my tongue. I have a feeling that’s an area where I’m not alone.

As the year goes on, I’m sure I’ll see other areas where being on guard is needed. In fact, I probably won’t know the full impact of this particular theme word until the year is out. The Lord knows about it all right now, though, and I’m thankful he’s preparing me for whatever may come this year by guiding me to the word guard for 2014. I’m thankful to have a God who not only watches over me but equips me as well.

“. . . guard what has been entrusted to your care.” 1 Timothy 6:20

*What would be a good theme word for you this year?

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  1. What a powerful word!! If I had to pick one word from my theme scripture it would be strong! Happy new year!!

  2. Annette Ford Harper says

    My word is Remember – I must remember to Whom I am yolked, to Whom I belong.

  3. Annette Ford Harper says

    My word is Remember – I am to remember to Whom I am yoked and to Whom I belong.

  4. Merrie Hansen says

    you will experience God’s
    peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard
    your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

  5. Rachel Davidson Skatvold says

    Thank you for writing this encouraging post. I think my word for this year is patient. Sometimes I’m guilty of rushing into thing but I feel God telling me to be patient and wait for his guidance. Blessings on your writing ministry this year, Cheryl. :)

  6. In many ways, your word “guard” and my word “kept” are similar. I’m doing a lot of guarding of my heart, and the Father’s promise to me? A lot of “keeping”. So glad to step into this new year with you.

  7. GUARD…what a great word. Guarding our health, time, and hearts…not easy, but something we all need to do. What a powerful message! Blessings to you in the new year, Cheryl.

  8. Mine might be “now”. . . it is the only word I can find that reminds me to stop doing more than one thing at a time. Be here NOW.

    Guard is a great word – very multi-faceted.

  9. Jennifer Dougan says


    It intrigues me to hear how you saw God use other years’ words in your life, and even how the full implications of them only came most clear by the end of the year. May this new word “guard” be used by him in your life fully. It’s a wise word, friend, and brings my own things to mind too. Thanks.

    Re your comment on my post “He Asked Me With His Eyes,” Thanks, Cheryl. I know. I so often see homeless people on the streets and wonder how to best help them. I was thankful to have food with me this time.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I really like the practice of choosing a theme word for the year. Love how it acts as a guide throughout the year. Will be interesting indeed to see how God uses the word “guard” in my life this year. Blessings to you!

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