Focus: Theme Word for 2012

For the past two or three weeks I’ve been hearing talk in various places about choosing a word for the new year—a theme word that sums up a quality, an attitude, or action we feel led to concentrate on in 2012. I may be a week late joining the conversation, but it’s never too late to share a good idea, right?

The word that popped into my mind when I first heard mention of selecting a word for 2012 was focus. As a writer, I need focus in order to complete projects and also to grow and move forward. I need focus to use my time wisely, in the way the Lord is leading.

Focus has been on my mind for awhile. In fact, early last fall I memorized 2 Timothy 1:14 with this very thing in mind. It says, “Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.”

The NIV text note says the good deposit Paul is referencing to Timothy is the gospel, but there are other good deposits we can apply to this verse as well. Personally, I’m thinking of the writing gift God has given me and how I need to guard it by not going in so many directions that I don’t devote enough time to it. In addition to that, I’m sure the need for focus will pop up in other areas as well.

How about you? Has the Lord given you a word to focus (yes, focus!) on this year? If not, ask Him to show you if there is a quality, an attitude, or action that can help guide you through the coming year—and then tell us about it. I love how sharing thoughts and ideas can spur us on to action and change in our lives. Remember, it’s never too late to share a good idea!

“Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly . . .” 1 Corinthians 9:24a

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  1. I really like that. I’ll have to think on what my word could be! Probably patience…. :)

  2. Brings to mind something recently learned – can’t remember from whom. He or she said “worship is focus”. Or maybe “focus is worship”.

    Hmmm, maybe my word should be CONCENTRATE!

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for stopping by my post “Five Ways to Connect With Your Teen Son/Daughter This Week.” I appreciate hearing from you, a veteran mom, the confirmation of these things too, since your kids are raised and seem to enjoy coming home so much too. Thanks.

    Your post here about focus in encouraging and relevant to me today. I too am entering a new stage of needing to focus and be more disciplined in writing too. Can we spur each other on in that?

    Jennifer Dougan

  4. Yes….my “focus” is the word “graciousness” in 2012. I’ll be choosing verses to memorize every two weeks to stimulate this quality in my life.

    May your focus be strong and clear this year!

  5. Emily, patience is a great word for any season of life, but with little ones at home, I’m sure you can use an extra measure of it :)

    Jana, I agree — worship is focus. Focus on our Savior and our God. Thanks for suggesting a new dimension as I apply focus to my life this year!

    Jennifer, I’m glad this post was so relevant to you, today. Yes, let’s spur each other on in our writing focus. Good to know others are working on similar things!

    Rebecca, what a good idea to memorize scripture that goes along with your theme word for the year. Love your word — graciousness.

  6. A great word, Cheryl. I pray God give you crystal clear vision as you move forward with all of his plans for you in this new year.

    Never too late to focus!


  7. No theme word yet, but I’ll let you know when it does. Focus is a fab one, though. So many levels to that word!

  8. hey! You won Rochelle Gardner’s giveaway. :) I just saw your name on the bottom of that emailed post. Good job. :)

    Jennifer Dougan

  9. You’re right, Elaine — never too late to focus. I love how each new day presents us with new opportunity.

    Donna, focus does have many facets, doesn’t it? I’ve had one main one in mind but need to consider others as well!

    Jennifer, yes, I was very excited to win Rachelle’s giveaway! Have been looking over Rob’s marketing template this evening. Will be a great resource when I get ready to prepare a marketing plan for a book.

  10. Resurrection is my theme word for this year. It doesn’t seem such a fun and happy word as some I have heard chosen by other women. Some have chosen words like peace, joy, grace, and serenity, life, hope, and charity. (We are following the lead of Ann Voskamp.) But then I asked God to help me chose a word for this year and this is surely the word He wants. I will try to learn all I can that relates to this word. And too, I think resurrection is what brings us all the others peace, joy, hope, etc.

  11. Hmmm…one word to focus on for the year. Nice idea. Never done that before. 2012? What do I need? Let me see…..ah, yes, I have it. My word for the next year will be…

    RELINQUISH, as in give up all control to God. Work with Him not for Him, with reigns in my own hands.

    Yes, that’s it. Thanks for prompting the New Years resolution.


  12. Elece and Nancy, I love your words — resurrection and relinquish. Both can have some tough aspects but so much blessing in the end. Exciting stuff!

  13. Oh sweetie, the word this Ozark Farm Chick is hangin’ on to this year is LOVE. Without love…we have nothing.

    I pray I can show others Gods love this year.

    Focus…another great word. I’m so stinkin’ spastic maybe that’s somethin’ I need to grab on to too!!!

    God bless ya and have a magnificent year girl!!! :o)

  14. I love your word choice Cheryl. Focus is a strong word and something I think we all need.

    The word I choose is devotion. Devotion to God, my family, my friends and to my writing. I like the word devotion because it involves dedication, discipline, love and caring, and I really need to work on being more organized and disciplined in every aspect of my life. So devotion is my word since it encapsulates all the other words, that came to mind.

    Thanks for this thought provoking post to help us start the year on a positive note.

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