Bridal Shower Cake: A Cupcake Wedding Dress!

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Okay, Mothers of the Bride, here’s one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen for a bridal shower cake—a cupcake wedding dress! Isn’t it adorable?

I saw this idea and photo when one of my friends from high school posted some bridal shower photos on her Facebook page. I immediately knew I had to ask permission to share the idea and photo with all of you. Deb, thanks so much for saying yes!

Not only is this idea super cute, but just think of how yummy it will be—and easy to serve as well! No one will have to stress about cutting the cake, and so many different flavors of cake could be used. You’d even have a few options for frosting—white or shades of cream, ivory, or champagne, etc. Some wedding gowns are even available in blush and pale pink now.

So, MOB, pass this fun little idea on to your daughter’s bridesmaids or friends who might be hostessing a shower for her. Or use it yourself if you’re giving her one. She’ll always remember her cupcake wedding dress!

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*Photo by Deborah Hurt Walker


  1. yummy ! that look so delicious, can you post the recipe?

    • Sorry, I didn’t make the cupcakes so can’t post the recipe. I’d say just go with the bride’s favorite flavor of cake and top with some yummy butter cream or cream cheese icing. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes, right?!

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