Discovering Gems

Last Friday while on an outing to a nearby town, my friend Teri and I discovered a gem. A beautiful and unique little shop nestled right in among the ordinary businesses on the ordinary streets of our very ordinary little corner of the world.

We wanted to go to lunch for a girlfriend catch-up session and decided to make a quick trip to Indy. We had heard about a quilt shop there that had recently been selected as one of the top ten quilt shops in the nation. In our neck of the woods? We needed to see this with our own eyes.

We were not disappointed. As we entered the shop, we seemed to step into another world. The high ceilings and rich-looking furnishings along with the beautiful and creatively displayed quilts and accessories created an ambiance of a luxurious and delightful retreat from the outside world. Everything we saw held a special touch. We were awestruck by the quality of goods and workmanship. And for those of you who know I don’t even own a sewing machine and am craft-challenged — yes, even I could spot the quality here :)

What fun to discover this gem of a shop in our own backyard. Teri was in her element, and I was trying hard to fit in :) When the salesladies were around, I just acted like I knew what I was looking at, and then when they walked away, I asked Teri one elementary question after another. Know what I discovered, though? You don’t have to understand all the facets and complexities of a gem to enjoy its beauty. I loved the shop.

As I think about our lives, about each of us as individuals, I know a gem could be found in each one of us. Something beautiful and unique. Something quality. If others looked into your own very ordinary life, what gem would they discover? Would they find a master quilter, an artist, or a gourmet chef? Perhaps a talented athlete or musician? Or maybe like me, you’re just good with words. The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

So take a closer look at yourself as well as others in your life. There’s beauty all around. Go ahead – have fun discovering gems!

“…its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel…” Revelation 21:11

*Flickr photo by ivanpw, Creative Commons License


  1. I love this post. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I absolutely loved the gem of a

    quilt shop. Exquisite, detailed

    examples of quilts that would

    shine in anyone’s home.

    Wonderful ideas abounded to make

    the quilts your own- plus they

    had quilted totes, backpacks,

    table runners, etc.

    Thanks, Cheryl, for a great day

    out. It’s truly a “spot of heaven

    on earth”..

  3. Paula, thanks for popping in and checking out my blog. So glad you enjoyed the post!

    Teri, we seem to have fun wherever we go, huh? :) Wonder what our next adventure will be?

  4. This is a very inspiring post. Your descriptions make me want to discover things. Great takeaway for the reader. Thanks!

  5. Audra, thanks so much for your encouraging words!

  6. Sounds like a place I would like, Cheryl. :) Did they have any Christmas tree skirts?

  7. No, Debbie, they didn’t have Christmas tree skirts — darn! :) Maybe they’ll have them later in the fall, though. That will give Teri and me a good reason to go back :)

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