Thanksgiving in April!

In the spirit of “Christmas in August” and other early celebrations, how about a little Thanksgiving in April? Two of my blessings are pictured above.

I didn’t get the chance to raise any boys, but because of my girls, I’ve ended up with a couple of great sons after all. Shawn, on the right, married our Kristin almost four years ago and has added much fun to our lives, not to mention his techie-genius — which is sorely needed at the Barker house, I might add :)

Jake, on the left, is not officially a son yet but soon will be. July 17th to be exact. That’s the day he will marry our Kelli and become part of our clan forever — for better or worse :) For us, I know it will be better. It’s always a blessing when God brings a man into your daughter’s life who obviously loves her and will faithfully provide for her and watch over her. And Jake is just such a man. We are blessed now with two such men for our daughters, and we couldn’t be happier.

Having such wonderful sons-in-law is reason enough for Thanksgiving in April, but events of this past week have given us even more reason to give thanks to God. He has blessed both Shawn and Jake with huge answers to prayer and has granted them each something they deeply desired.

After being at his new job with Arkansas Children’s Hospital for only a few months, Shawn was promoted — he is now manager of his department! (Media Services) When his boss resigned a few weeks ago, Shawn was more than ready to move into his position if they would give him the opportunity. He must have proven himself to be a wonderful and valuable employee because they gave him the job. We’re very proud of him and very thankful to God for this blessing.

And Jake? Well, his future has been hanging in the balance the past few months as he’s been working to complete his college degree and apply to law schools — and all the while planning to get married, come what may. No pressure there, huh? :) Well, God relieved that pressure this week. He was accepted into law school! Since he’s still waiting to hear from another school, the final decision on where he and Kelli will be moving hasn’t been made yet, but just knowing he has a spot secured has been cause for major celebration.

So yes, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving in April. God is good all year long, isn’t He? Has He given you something to be thankful for this month? Please share. Let’s thank God together!

“Praise the Lord… who satisfies your desires with good things…” Psalm 103:2a, 5a


  1. Congratulations! I love when a whole mess of good things happen at once.

  2. A great many reasons to give thanks in April…

    Sounds like you added two very priceless young men to the family. So thankful for God’s faithfulness along these lines for you; how I pray to experience the same in seasons to come as my children grow and marry!


  3. What a good mother in law you are! Such kind words for the sons in laws! :)

  4. Your daughters did pretty well in picking their husbands! :)

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