Bridal Portrait Idea: A Mirror Shot


Mother of the Bride, I love the bridal portrait mirror shot above for several reasons. First—and foremost—the bride is my beautiful daughter Kelli. Second, I love how the mirror affords two gorgeous views of the bridal gown. And third, the old-fashioned room and furnishings add such character to the photo and makes this shot especially unique.

A mirror shot can do magic during your daughter’s bridal portrait photo session, too. Not only will you get the various shots of the gown, but the setting the picture is taken in will make your daughter’s portrait different than the mirror shot taken of my daughter. It’s hard to beat a unique and creative shot of such a special time in your daughter’s life.

You can add an extra twist to the shot as shown above if the photographer takes a shot of your daughter looking into the mirror. All kinds of possibilities come to mind of the emotions he might capture in her face with a little prompting—things like imagine the moment you first see your groom on your wedding day or what will your moments together at your unity candle be like during the ceremony or how will you look when the minister presents you to your friends and family for the first time as Mr. and Mrs.?

Share this idea with your daughter, MOB, and then, of course, have a tissue on hand when you view her bridal portraits photos for the first time. You’ll be blown away by her beauty—and overwhelmed with feelings of love.

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*Photo by Will Flowers

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