Creative Giving

Friend. The word alone creates good feelings. Warmth, fun, support, love, laughter, encouragement, understanding. You get the picture. A good friend shares in your life. Keeps pace with your ups and downs. Knows when you need some chocolate and exactly where to get it. And most importantly, would never let you eat it alone :) Seriously, though, a good friend knows you inside and out, loves you anyway, and would do most anything for you. I feel fortunate to have a few friends like that.

This past week I experienced that “do most anything for me” part of friendship. For close to a year now, my good friend Teri has heard me talk about trying to find just the right desk-top accessories for my new desk. I wanted an “in and out” organizer as well as one of those upright magazine files. But I didn’t want just any old thing. I wanted something that would go with the emerging color scheme in my office as well as something that looked a little more feminine than what can be found in all of the office stores. Teri has not only heard me talk about it but has also tramped around half of T-town with me looking for these elusive desk accessories :)

So, know what she did? Unbeknownst to me, she searched the internet, still not finding what she knew I wanted. However, she was determined to give them to me as a birthday gift so she just got creative. She ordered some plain accessories, went to the trouble to find some pretty scrapbook paper in the right colors, and covered them using a decopage finish (sorry, but I am craft-challenged and don’t know how to spell that!). Anyway, she happily presented them to me a few days ago as a belated birthday gift. I, of course, loved them! But more than that, I loved her for going above and beyond in order to try to give me my heart’s desire. What a friend!

After she gave me that precious gift, I got to thinking about Someone else who will go above and beyond for me and for you. The Bible tells us that God “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20 NIV). Is there something you’ve been longing for? Maybe looking very specifically for? Talk to God about it. He loves you and longs to give you good gifts. And remember, creativity is His speciality. Allow Him to be creative in your life. His answer will probably be more than you ever asked or imagined.

(P.S. – check out the new “Think On This” and “Words To Live By”. If life cooperates, I will try to change those weekly.)


  1. I thought I would just let you know I checked your blog. :) Teri is a great friend and creative, too. Enjoy your new desk accessories.

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