Sometimes the Wonder Is at Home

High hopes and firm expectations of a marvelous week fueled our packing and quick-as-possible exit from home a few weeks ago. As we escaped the confines of our small community in our rather ordinary region of the country and headed towards the mountains—towards the promise of beauty and wonder and grandeur galore—God surprised us with an early taste of the refreshment we sought.

Not more than a half-mile outside of town, unexpected movement not far off the roadway captured our attention. In a split second, Don and I both saw it—a fawn leaping through an overgrown field. No momma in sight, just the baby. Our first wildlife spotting of the trip.

We had to laugh. Here we were headed to Colorado to surround ourselves with the beauty of the mountains (and our kids!) and to see the wonders of God’s creation—wildlife included—and we saw a little miracle bounding through a field not five minutes from home. In that moment, God reminded me that sometimes the wonder is at home.

Not only did He give that reminder as we left for our much-anticipated week in the mountains, He bookended our trip with the same reminder as we traveled home. Believe it or not, less than twenty minutes from our house, we spotted in the light of our headlights four or five deer dashing across the highway in front of us. After a week filled with exciting encounters with the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains, God seemed to say again, “Remember, sometimes the wonder is at home.”

Even though over the next few days I experienced the normal let-down most of us feel after a vacation and even though the beauty of the mountains feeds my spirit like nothing else, what comfort I found in the knowledge that wonder and beauty can be found at home, too. What comfort in knowing that God—and the beauty of His creation—are ever-present, no matter where I am.

How about you? Are you in need of such a reminder? Take a moment and consider your life. Consider the world around you. And remember—sometimes the wonder is at home.

“I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.” Psalm 9:1

*Flickr photo by Jeffery™, Creative Commons License

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  1. Very good thoughts, Cheryl – as usual! Over the past months that we have been “confined” to home with Gary’s health problems, I have not always valued the beauty & treasure around me. Mostly I see it as more work than my body & mind care to take on, way more responsibility than I can bear at times, & just a big hassle most of the time! Your post has really helped me refocus. I don’t have to take a trip to be refreshed & allow God to show me this beauty, thanks to your words to remind me of that fact!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

  2. Laura, I’m so happy the Lord used this post to refresh you and help you refocus. Thanks for letting me know. You are an encouragement to me!

  3. beautiful words. really, really beautiful.

  4. I always enjoy your thoughtful insights! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Mountains, mountains, mountains… it would take me all of 5 seconds to pack up my house and move there if my husband could pastor there.

    OK… maybe 5 minutes.


  6. Sarah and Emily, thanks so much for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed the post.

    Elaine, I know what you mean. I would LOVE to live in the mountains. Not sure I could handle the winters, but I could certainly go for a summer home there. Maybe in heaven, huh? :)

  7. Thanks for the great reminders and pictures. You have me looking around.

  8. Somedays its just laying in the park and looking up in the sky- it’s such an amazing world we live in.

  9. Well said, Cheryl. As always! Such a joy to appreciate the beauty of creation all around us.

  10. I will never forget one exhausting day at the hospital when my sweet sister-in-law had a serious heart attack. I was walking to my car in the dusky evening light when I looked up at a wall of trees and saw a family of deer. They looked at me and I looked at them and whispered out loud, “Oh Lord, such beauty”. I stood staring at His creation for several minutes until they high tailed it away.

    The sight was a refreshing gift after such a stressful day. Nothing beats or competes with the majesty of God’s handiwork. It is beyond comprehension.


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