I’ll Do It!

Ever need someone to volunteer to help out with a task or project you can’t accomplish on your own? I’ve been in just such a position the past several weeks and am happy to report God has provided the volunteers. (No, the baby above is not my volunteer, but she’s sure a cute example, isn’t she? :) )

Many of you will remember that I became our church’s Angel Tree coordinator about a year ago. Most folks associate Angel Tree with Christmas, but many Angel Tree programs offer outreaches and ministry to prisoners’ families at other times during the year as well. For example, we sent Mother’s Day/Father’s Day cards to the prisoners last year and also offered Angel Tree Camping and Back to School ministries for the children. This year a few ladies are also sending birthday cards to the kids throughout the year.

Since right now I’m in the thick of helping my daughter plan her wedding, I needed volunteers to step up and take care of this year’s Angel Tree summer outreaches. I knew if I tried to stuff any more organizational details or tasks into my mind and life, I just might burst. Definitely not a good idea. After all, the mother of the bride needs to be able to hold it all together come what may.

So…several weeks ago, I asked my friend Lisa if she’d be willing to be in charge of the Mother’s Day cards, and she said “yes” right away (thanks, Lisa!). Early this year, I began praying for someone to volunteer to do Angel Tree Camping and have been making the need known in our church for the past couple of months as well. The weeks went by with no one offering to take it on (it’s a big commitment, by the way).

With the time growing ever shorter to be able to pull it off, I felt awful (and guilty!) to think we might not be able to offer camping to our Angel Tree kids this year. Just this past week, however, Melissa, one of our missions committee members, stepped up to organize this vital ministry to the hurting kids of prisoners in our area. Thank you, Melissa! An eternal difference might be made in the lives of some of these precious kids because of your willingness to serve!

I wonder — is God calling you to step up and fill a needed ministry position or perhaps lighten the load of a friend? Are you ready to say, “I’ll do it!”? Believe me, you might be just the one who helps someone hold it all together. You might be just the one who makes an eternal difference.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

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  1. You are so wise to lighten your load. I have found asking for help can be as therapeutic as offering to help. You’re a smart mama of the bride!
    Have a great week!

  2. Cheryl,

    I just read your issue of Life Notes. My heart is in my throat. I love the way you write and Kelli and Nancy’s article with yours proved to be a banquet I needed today. I was just meditating on Lamentations 3 yesterday, too. Oh my sweet sister, thank you! And the poem about the country church. I grew up in a small town and could see it. Thank you!!

  3. Robbie, what a blessing to hear how much Life Notes hit the spot for you today! Thanks for letting me know — you are an encouragement to me!

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