Intercession: The Privilege and Gift of Prayer

Interceding in prayer for others takes commitment and work, and in the process, we may sometimes forget what a privilege it is to take the needs of others and present them to the God of the universe. What better gift could we give? I need this message today and maybe you do too.


What a privilege
When I can go to God
On someone else’s behalf.
What a comfort to know he listens
And answers with perfect wisdom.
What peace in knowing
It’s the best I can give —
That nothing less will do . . .

I give you my best today —
I’m on my knees for you.

“…night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.” 2 Timothy 1:3 NIV

*Are you on your knees for someone today? Trust God to answer in his perfect time, in his perfect way!

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*I hope this slightly revised encore post from June 2010 blessed you today!

*Public Domain photo by Pierre martinfr


  1. Phyllis Bell says

    Reminds me of the old hymn, “What a Friend we Have in Jesus.” It has the words, “what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer..” Certainly without making our life a life of prayer without ceasing our faith would be weak and our heart would grow cold.

    • Phyllis, thanks so much for reminding us of that favorite old hymn and how it mentions the privilege of prayer. I hadn’t thought of that. May find myself humming it now! :)

  2. Hi Cheryl! I also thought of that beautiful old hymn! It IS a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. Thank you for reminding me of this today. Saying a prayer for you!

    • Hi Connie! So neat that the hymn came to mind for you too. Hymns have some of the best messages ever, don’t they? Thanks so much for praying for me today! Much appreciated!

  3. I always feel so blessed when someone tells me “I’ll keep you in my prayers.” And when a group intercedes through prayer that is truly powerful. Thanks so much for these lovely thoughts and reminder to pray for those we love.

    • You’re welcome, Mairead! It really is comforting to know that people are praying for us, isn’t it? And such a special feeling when we actually feel carried by their prayers!

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