Post-Wedding Inventory

6104287875_09956299f6_zMother of the Bride, one of the smartest things you can do in the days immediately after the wedding is to take inventory of all the décor and supplies you have left. If you are planning to save items for another daughter’s wedding or for friends or family members’ use, a list of available items will be a lifesaver.

If you make a detailed list, you won’t have to waste time looking for things and unpacking them once you find them in order to get a count. When it comes time for your next daughter’s wedding or when a friend asks to borrow something, you’ll know exactly what you have left and how many of each item. What a huge help and timesaver.

To take your inventory, simply make a list as you go through the leftovers supplies when you’re preparing to store them after the wedding. When you and your helpers packed up everything as you left the reception, things most likely got disorganized. Instead of storing them like that, group like items together and take a count as you go.

Make note of how many white rose garlands you have left. Jot down the number of crystal candle bases you have available. Write down everything. You never know what might be useful to someone later.

Yes, MOB, there are a few duties to attend to after the wedding and taking inventory is one of them. Give yourself a few days reprieve and then dive in. Don’t neglect it. It will end up being a blessing to you and to others as well.

*Who do you know who might appreciate the loan of some of the wedding supplies you have on hand?

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  1. Elece Hollis says

    Another option is to resale on Craig’s List or through a wedding supplier or wedding planner. You might recoup while also not having to store..

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