The Spirit of Christmas Giveaway!

You know me — I love giveaways. Love entering them and love hosting them—especially holiday giveaways. I wanted to offer this one early in the season since the prize will help make the winner’s days before Christmas a little brighter, a little more meaningful.

I’m giving away a copy of The Spirit of Christmas—a recent release that has a story of mine it. (Yay, huh?!) This book is definitely brightening my season, and I hope it will brighten the winner’s, too—along with readers all across the country. If you already have a copy, go ahead and enter and win one for a family member or friend!

Leave a comment on this blog post by noon Dec. 7, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win The Spirit of Christmas. (I’ll sign the copy if you so request but will send it untouched if you’d prefer). To make it fun, tell me about a time when someone shared the spirit of Christmas with you. If I don’t know you personally or can’t contact you via your own blog, be sure to leave your email address in your comment or you won’t be included in the drawing.

I’ll be the first to share a story. One year many years ago, my sister Debbie and her family traveled from Phoenix to be with us a couple of days prior to everyone gathering at Mom and Dad’s for Christmas. Neighbors of ours at the time, Henry and Faye, heard we were having company and made homemade cinnamon rolls for all of us. As they delivered those yummy pastries, they also delivered a heartwarming dose of Christmas spirit along with them. These are the kinds of surprises and smiles we never forget, right?

Okay, your turn. When did someone deliver some Christmas spirit to you? And while we’re thinking about it, let’s be alert to ways we can share the spirit of Christmas with others this year. Let’s deliver some surprises and smiles that folks will never forget!

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given . . .” Isaiah 9:6a KJV


  1. Thirteen years ago, I was going to be alone for the first time on Christmas Eve. A man that I worked with and his wife stopped by my apartment the day before with a present for my son and invited me to come to their house for Christmas Eve dinner. When I arrived there were several people there from their family,and they had let their family know that I was going to be there. Several of them brought gifts for me. I was overwhelmed with their kindness that year.

  2. I want to win and would like my book signed, please. :)
    If I don’t win where could I buy it? You shared the spirit of Christmas with me one year not long after we had moved to AZ by surprising us by sending a Christmas floral center piece since we couldn’t be with the family. What a pleasant surprise and it smelled good, too!

  3. Thirty six years ago I prayed I could attend a Discipleship Congress after Christmas. On the final possible day to register and buy plane tickets, my pastor came to deliver an anonymous gift, which was the exact amount I yet needed. I still do not know who gave it, but am ever thankful for the spirit of Christmas which prompted generosity and for the invaluable faith lessons before, during, and after the conference.

  4. Juanita Handshumaker says

    I would like to win a copy of this book and would like it signed, please if I do win it. There have been many changes for our family this year, but as I look forward to Christmas and reflect back on Christmases past, I can’t help but think of all the blessings God has given me and my heart is full!

  5. I remember one Christmas in college in which I had pneumonia, and I was too sick to attend our family Christmas. So, early on Christmas morning, my family came to me bearing hot soup and gifts. One of the gifts was a knit afghan from my grandma. I slept under that afghan overnight, and by the next morning, I felt better than I had in weeks.

  6. Wow, I’m loving hearing how folks have touched you all with the spirit of Christmas. Such great stories.

    Debbie, how neat to hear how much you enjoyed the Christmas centerpiece I sent that year! Also, you can find the books at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hastings, and also on Amazon. Other book stores may carry it, too, but I haven’t noticed it at LifeWay or Mardel.

  7. Last year, out of the blue, several of our neighbors brought cookies over for the holidays. It was so pleasant and unexpected, since it was not our tradition in years past, that I plan to continue it this year.

    Please enter me in your contest. Anything you contribute to has to be good!


  8. Cheryl, I would love to have a copy of your book so please do enter me in your contest! And for you to autograph it if I do win would be great, too. I have so many memories of Christmas blessings but one of the sweetest ones was the first Christmas without my mom when I pulled out all the decorations & found among the ribbons a tag from the previous year that said, “To Laura–Love, Mom”. I treasured that reminder that Mom’s love was there with me, even though she was in Heaven. God is so good to give us precisely what we need at the exact moment we need it!! Merry Christmas to all & especially to those whose hearts are heavy this time of year.

  9. This is a great book – I started reading it this morning! I started with your story first :) And if I win, I can give it to someone lucky.

    One year I was a little down around Christmas, I don’t remember why. But I drove home on the spur of the moment and you and Dad dropped what you were doing, ordered pizza and we had a “picnic” in the living room and watched a Christmas movie together. It meant a lot to me.

    Also, I loved hearing the story of how you took your international student friend out for pizza and then gave her a Christmas present that was wrapped under your tree. She said she had always dreamed of having a Christmas present! Your kindness is inspiring us to get started being friends with internationals!

  10. More great stories! Loving every minute of this. Kristin, you brought the spirit of Christmas to US, too, that weekend you made a spur-of-the-minute trip home. Such a great memory. And I’m so pleased to hear that you guys are going to try to befriend some internationals. You will be a tremendous blessing to them!

  11. When we were dating, Billy once flew in from his parents’ home in NC to my home in KY on Christmas day. He arrived late due to a messed up airline schedule, but it was a surprise to me… along with the beautiful amethyst necklace he gave me. Gotta love a guy like that!


  12. This book looks wonderful. About six years ago my sister brought some much needed Christmas spirit to our home. My husband and I had suffered the loss of a miscarriage, pretty late in my pregnancy, just four weeks before Christmas. My sister surprised me by flying to Dallas from Ireland to surprise me. She really cheered me up that year, and I am eternally grateful to her.

  13. I always loved going to Xmas eve service as a child, and I still do now. Every time I’m in the sanctuary, musing about the birth of Christ, I feel filled with the Christmas spirit. :)

  14. I would love to read this book!! One of my favorite christmas spirit memories is from a client who surprised me with a beautiful handmade purse left in my mailbox after I had wrapped up my super busy fall photo season. It was such a nice surprise!

  15. Wow, you are causing me to realize how old I am! So here is my story……70 years ago,1941 in fact, I was in Jr. High in Coffeyville. At that time, huge mouton mittens were all the rage. They were really big. I wanted some so very much, but I felt we could never afford those. I also fell in love with a bright red wool coat that was in one of the shop windows. I was sure I would never have that either. My mother did ask me to try it on one day and I felt so grand. On Christmas morning, I opened a large box and there was that red coat. I loved it! Then I opened another package and there was a pair of the most beautiful mittens I could ever ask for. Mother had kept an old black bear fur collar she had worn many years before. She had cut up that collar and hand sewn huge furry mittens that were much more beautiful than beige mouton mittens and just as large and in style. I knew, even at that young age, what she had sacrificed to give me what “all the other girls” had and I will never forget how happy those gifts made me and how loved I felt. Merry Christmas! A. Norma

  16. Aunt Norma, I love your story!

  17. If I win, I want an autographed copy!

  18. I always go back to my Sunday school class when I was a child. I remember our teacher reading from Luke and I was mesmerized. Every year, I always think about how that impacted my life for the better!

    And yes, if I win, I would love to have my book signed by a famous author!!

  19. Still loving hearing all these stories! And Lisa, if you win, I’ll do my best to find a famous author to sign your book! LOL

  20. Fun giveaway! When we lived in China, people from back home would send us things to bake Christmas goodies, Christmas presents, and other fun treats we couldn’t find in China. It made Christmas a lot more fun!

  21. If I happen to win, I’d like the book signed, please.
    Favorite memories of christmas spirit always involved the Christmas eve program at our small country church. The children- small to teenage- always gave the program with a play (with homemade costumes) & lots of christmas carols. There was always a decorated real tree with a brown paper sack for each child with old fashioned candies, nuts, and an orange. Always remember the spirit of the folks & families there & the sights & smells of Christmas. Memories that last a lifetime.

  22. Enjoying the stories as well.
    My Christmas spirit story – I have run a home based daycare for the past 22 years. Over the years I have been blessed with special gifts from the families I care for. One year a special little girl made me a bunch of homemade ornaments for my tree. I treasure them each year as I hang them on my tree.

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