What Season Did You Say This Is??

seasonWhat season comes to mind when you think of August? Most of us would list things like hot summer days, ice cream, swimming, traveling, and back-to-school shopping. Nowhere on that list would you see flu bugs. August is not flu bug season. But sometimes flu bugs don’t play by our rules.

You guessed it. For the past few days my summer season has been invaded by an unwelcome visitor who usually makes the rounds in the late fall and winter months. My conclusion about the whole thing? Flu bugs in August just aren’t right. After all, they’re not on the list of expected activities.

Yes, this flu bug hit during the wrong season, but you take what you get, right? And this time I got a flu bug and had to change my life accordingly for a few days. Not a big deal, but unpleasant just the same.

If only every wrong-season event were as easy to deal with as an unexpected flu bug. Think about some of the other things in life that may come to us at the wrong time. Illness or physical limitations that hit in the prime of life, losing a loved one way too early, an unexpected pregnancy (yours or that of your teenage daughter), job loss—especially well into your career, returning to school as an adult, or even dealing with some things not happening in the season they should. Each of these circumstances carries its own set of challenges or grief.

If something serious has hit you at the wrong time, you, like me with my little flu bug the past few days, may find yourself saying, “What season did you say this is?” If so, let me encourage you as you’re struggling to change your life accordingly. Remember, we have a God who is the Father of all seasons, and no matter what happens, He is not taken by surprise. He can see us through the most unexpected circumstances. In fact, our God, our Father, specializes in challenges.

“‘I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything to hard for me?’” Jeremiah 32:27

*Flickr photo by Horia Varlan

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  1. Something good resulted in your flu bug – your devotional! Very good.

  2. Thanks, Debbie — hadn’t thought about it like that!

  3. The flu? I’m so sorry you’ve felt so yucky the past few days. That stinks!

    And you are right – God is NEVER taken by surprise! That is very comforting thought.
    I’m so glad I stopped by today. As always, the Lord uses you to encourage me, my friend!

  4. Hope you are all feeling much better and maybe you won’t get any more this year. Positive thinking :) God is always in control and I am so thankful for that!

  5. I sure hope you are feeling better!! Glad at least the weather has cooled a bit!!!

  6. Oh Cheryl,

    I pray you are feeling better! One summer I too had the flu bug and I was told it was allergies but after a week it was clear that it was FLU all the way. Sick in the heat is not fun.

    Ah, such is the seasons of life. We don’t know when things will change up which will require us to be flexible while trusting in the LORD who is fully reliable and will bring us through victoriously!

    Bless you!!!

  7. So sorry you’ve got the flu! I’ve seen the sign that flu shots are already at Walgreens and I keep thinking it’s too early to get it done. But I guess not. : / Hope you feel better soon.

  8. It’s a Jesus season! So sorry for the flu; have mercy… I haven’t even thought about getting that on top of everything else, but I’m going to be extra careful and ask my dr. I did notice that the local Walgreens is already offering them.

    Feel fully better soon. I love you and am thankful for your prayers.


  9. Hope that flu bug has left your home and you are back up and runnning!

    Great post. GOD is good!

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