A Sheltering Tree

It’s just across the street. The beauty of this sheltering tree that awaits my glance each day. It’s big, it’s lush, and it’s…old. A fixture since we moved into the neighborhood 30 years ago, who knows how long it stood there before that.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve only truly appreciated this tree the past couple of years, since the time I made it a habit to slow down and indulge in an early morning drink of nature. When I take the time to look, the tree sings out with beauty and strength.

It’s trunk, ever strong and dependable, is rooted deep and gives rise to a vast network of branches arrayed with evidence of life and fresh growth. As it’s shade blesses all below, it offers sweet shelter above to a variety of God’s little creatures.

It’s got it all — a place to rest or build a nest, a stage for singing or a playground for running to and fro. This sheltering tree…what a place of beauty, blessing and refreshment. Not a bad legacy for an old tree, huh?

As we grow old (and some of us are getting closer all the time!), let’s hope our lives offer much of the same. Strength and beauty. Shelter and shade. Blessing and refreshment. Life and fresh growth… A very good legacy indeed. Oh Lord, help me be a sheltering tree!

“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green” Psalm 92:14

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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    What a gorgeous tree. I LOVE looking out my window at the trees around, and watching trees sway in the wind is a favorite part of my daily walk.

    I hope my life is as inviting and solid as the tree you gaze upon every day! May we both live fruitful lives.

  2. Reminds me of my recent post on mustard seeds growing into the sheltering shade and rest of birds in flight! I want to be a sheltering tree for the world. As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I’m more content with that role.

    Have a great week.


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