Summer Photo Fun: Photographer Elece Hollis

You’re in luck. I have one more special guest to introduce you to before Summer Photo Fun concludes this week. I’m especially excited because the star of today’s post, Elece Hollis, is not only becoming a great photographer, but she’s one of my writing buddies as well.

Elece and I met around six years ago when I joined Fellowship of Christian Writers in Tulsa, OK. She’s been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me ever since. Elece is a diligent writer who is published regularly, and I’m always excited to hear how her work is being used.

Elece and I spur each other on in our writing careers, and we also share a love of poetry and poetic language. What a blessing to have writer friends like Elece who truly “get” me and can understand and share in the joys and struggles of the writing life.

To introduce herself to you, Elece says, “I live south of Tulsa in Oklahoma where my husband and I work our pecan grove. We have raised a large family of seven children and have eighteen grandchildren. I love to take photos of people.

The shots below are all people in costumes. Most were taken at the Rendezvous, a yearly encampment of folks into American history. At Rendezvous, the participants reenact the historical yearly meetings of mountain men, trappers, pioneers, and traders to buy, sell, and trade things they have collected, produced , grown, or hunted.

Here are links to my four blogs: Images of Home, a photo-a-day blog where I also post a homemade poem along with the picture. My blog about the prairies is called Prairie Places. Another of my blogs is made up of photos, poems, and letters to friends, family, and God: Letters From Home. Another of my blogs with lots of photos is about my home and family, and gardening and flowers, etc. It is called Thoughts Join Letters.”

Hope you enjoy Elece’s unique photos and her captions for them! 

I loved this woman’s hat of white rabbit fur and her earrings made of brass thimbles.

This little boy in his three-cornered felt hat was charming. He said his name was Connor.

Loved the lively step of this old man with a cane dressed in a gray wool coat.

This old trapper/hunter had a rattlesnake rattle woven into his beard.

Woman with blue skirt carrying her ax.

A trader in orange shirt and brown hat and vest looks a bit distrustful.

The Mountain Man stirring up some fun.

Friends: Basket weaving Indian woman named Wabi and my daughter Brenna.

Thank you, Elece, for sharing your photos with us! It’s good to remember our roots, isn’t it?

“Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past.” Deuteronomy 32:7a

*Which of Elece’s photos do you find most interesting?

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  1. By the way, the photo I find most interesting is the woman with the axe. Looks like she means business! :)

  2. I think I like the old guy in the wool coat. Just something about the pose.

    I loved looking at these photos. I, of course, know Elece as a writer and just a very sweet person. But I didn’t know she was a photographer too. She’s a woman of many talents.

  3. Jeneal, you should connect with Elece on Facebook. She posts photos she’s taken just about every day, and they’re very good. Bet you would get lots of ideas for paintings and drawings from her photos. Elece is teaching herself to draw, too!

  4. Saw the woman in the blue skirt with an axe and thought, “HEY! That’s me!” Love blue, wear lots of skirts, love to split wood, and I make funny intense faces. Thanks for sharing with us, Elece!

  5. I think my favorite is the one of the man with the rattlesnake rattle woven into his beard! I know I wouldn’t mess w/ him & doubt other rattlers would, either! Love these photos, Elece, & thanks, Cheryl, for sharing them with us. Elece’s writing has really inspired me, too, & I always look forward to seeing her photos on FB!

  6. Lovely photos. You are lucky to also have such great people to take pictures of.

  7. Hi Jeneal, Thanks for the encouraging comments. It has been a long time since I’ve seen you! Come see us in Tulsa at FCW (Christian writers’club). That guy with the wool coat walked around with his stick. I was intrigued.

  8. Cheryl and Cabinart, I loved the blue skirt lady. The cloth was such a wonderful blue and the wind was blowing hard that day. She tried to show a small group how to start a fire with a flint and patch kit and started a grass fire, (soon out). She was carrying that ax or tomahawk because she was competing in a throwing competition. No sissy she!

  9. Laura, My granddaughter climbed right up on that old man’s lap and fingered his beard and talked to him. Scared me! Some children are so secure you can’t frighten them. Thanks for the encouragement, Laura.

  10. Thanks to Cipri@travelcafe for the comment on my photos. I just love going to this Rendevouz every year and taking photographs. The people are characters out of early America.Every year I try to get a photo of the basket weaver with my daughter.

  11. I like the lively step of the older man! Nice captures!

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