Engagement Photo Idea: Bike Fun!


In love and having fun together on a bike—what a great engagement photo idea! Mother of the Bride, if the soon-to-be-married couple in your life loves fun and adventure and doesn’t mind taking a bit of a risk, suggest a shot like the one above for their engagement photo session.

With Prince Charming pedaling and your daughter on the handlebars, a variety of shots are sure to unfold. This one with the kiss is priceless. Can’t you just imagine some of the other shots that could transpire? What fun!

MOB, tell your son-in-law to-be to knock himself out and see what kind of shenanigans he can pull off—while still keeping them both safe! No injuries allowed! :)

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*Flickr Photo by Esther Gibbons, Creative Commons License

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  1. This is a cute idea. It needs a good background and angle. Wouldn’t a bicycle built for two be sweet.

    • Elece, love the idea of a bicycle built for two! Would be such a great shot in a park or out in the country with all the beauty of nature around. Thanks for adding that idea!

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