Summer Photo Fun: Caption This Cuteness!

21000_10153351731273232_7876143815075153774_n[1]Is it too soon to bring the grandbabies back to Summer Photo Fun? I sure hope not because they are indeed back today :) I can’t help it. Just look at them. How can I resist sharing their cuteness with you all?!

Speaking of cuteness, here’s the challenge today—how would you caption the cuteness above? Isaiah is once again all up in James’ personal space. It’s a recurring practice with him. Remember, as I told you in the Summer Photo Fun Kick-Off post, Isaiah is the more excitable one with all kinds of fun facial expressions James is our little laid back guy. One day he may decide to take brother down, though! :)

So what do you say? I look forward to hearing your captions!

“Keep on loving each other as brothers.” Hebrews 13:1

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*Photo by my daughter Kristin


  1. Well, James has been the laid-back guy, but he is now very active – he goes after toys, plays a lot and gets excited about what he’s doing. And he doesn’t have a problem with getting in Isaiah’s space now!

    • Thanks for the update, Kristin :) I knew he was really enjoying his toys, but I didn’t know he’s pushing back on brother a little now :) Can’t wait to see these little stinkers (and you guys, too!) next week! :)

  2. When I posted the link to this post over on Facebook, Liz suggested this caption – “So that’s where all the little piggies are!” Absolutely love that! :)

  3. Are these my feet or his feet? His? Oops, I already slobbered on them…. :)
    They are adorable, Cheryl.

  4. “What? His leg tastes good.”


    Jennifer Dougan

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