Family Shenanigans

Kelli’s bridal shower weekend wouldn’t have been complete without some family shenanigans. Kristin and Kelli couldn’t resist giving their cousin Gavin bunny ears. What goes around comes around, Gavin! :)

I’ll get to see part of this gang again in a few days for Memorial Weekend. We’ll miss you, Kristin and Shawn!

*Also in the pic is my sister Carolyn and her other son Cody. I’m surprised Cody wasn’t getting in on a little bunny ear action as well! :)

**As we continue to celebrate big time this week, my posts might be a little different than the norm as I try to keep up with our busy schedule. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Gavin says that Kristin and Kelli like to give him a hard time, but I said that HE likes to give them a hard time!

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