Whatcha Readin’?

So what’s everyone reading this summer? Whether you’re relaxing with a good book while on vacation or snatching moments of reading pleasure in the midst of hectic times like I’ve been having lately, I’d love to hear what titles have captured your attention this summer.

During the past few weeks, I’ve read Kristen Heitzmann’s new release, Indivisible, and Terri Blackstock’s older novel, Cape Refuge, both Christian suspense novels. I enjoyed one, but the other not so much.

Of the two, Heitzmann’s Indivisible gets a thumbs up (though it’s not for the faint of heart), while Blackstock’s Cape Refuge disappointed me. The characters did and said things that were just not believable to me, and it left me feeling frustrated. I’m not sure if I’ll read the second book in the series or not. I need to point out, though, that last year I read Blackstock’s entire Restoration series and thoroughly enjoyed those.

Next I plan to read author Carla Stewart’s debut novel Chasing Lilacs, which is receiving high praise. I recently won a copy and am poised to dig in to it as soon as it arrives. Carla and I have met online through blogging and writers groups and even attended the same writers workshop in Tulsa a couple of years ago but failed to meet in person that day. Darn! :) I also found out yesterday that I won a copy of author and writing mentor Mary DeMuth’s Thin Places so am looking forward to reading it as soon as possible as well. I feel so lucky to have won these two books. They’ve both been on my wish list.

How about you? What have you been reading? What’s next for you — or what’s on your wish list? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy! After all, that’s the spirit of summer, isn’t it? Happy reading!

“God…richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17b

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  1. I’ve been reading Edge of Apocalypse by Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall. Pretty interesting yet scary at the same time.

  2. The Gift of Ordinary Days by Katrina Kenison. Over halfway through and savoring it, so far. I have too many summer reads on my nightstand to get through them all!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention!

  4. Not much… I haven’t a clue where my books are at this point. Prior to the move, I read Will Willimon’s “This We Believe.” A theological read on the Wesleyan tradition; while not everyone’s cup of tea, Will is a fabulous writer and brought depth and insight to my long held beliefs, yet ones I haven’t always been able to articulate gracefully.

    When I find my books, I’m sure there are some in there that need a read. I’ve been collecting them and must stop purchasing them.

    Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well.


  5. LOVE the funny photo, Cheryl! Sounds like you’ve got some good reading going on this summer.

    Right now I’m reading the One Year Chronological Bible; “Blind Side” by Michael Lewis, and “5 conversations you must have with your daughter”, by Vicki Courtney.

    On my wish list: “Jesus Calling”, “How Successful People Think”, by John Maxwell, and “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.”

  6. I just finished Midnight in Madrid by Noel Hynd. I found it on my Kindle for free. It started slow and kept getting better. I had no idea when I purchased it that it was a Christian spy novel. I might consider reading another one.

  7. thanks, Cheryl! Hope Chasing Lilacs arrives soon. Summer is great for reading.

  8. I have a book on my wish list, Francine River’s new book, Her Mother’s Hope, which I hope shows up for my birthday in a few weeks, I have not been subtle in my hint dropping. Most people list Redeeming Love as their favorite book of hers, so far, I have most loved her book, Leota’s Garden, and am re-reading it now.

  9. I’m not currently reading anything. I am looking for a good book though. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

  10. I just finished Luci Swindoll’s Doing Life Differently: The Art of Living with Imagination. Loved it! Inspirational and motivating.

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